Farm frenzy event Jan ‘20

So I work full time and can only spend 2-3 hours at most trying to farm for the gear I’d like.
With the new event which is supposed to run for 2 weeks starting 16/01/20 I think, rare spawns are supposed to appear with increased frequency (if not guaranteed) during the event.
Borman Nates is always there , as is Demoskaggins, but Broodmother is only appearing 1 in maybe 3 or four runs.
I do not have a character build based on the scourge rocket launcher but it is one of my most favoured launchers in BL3 and I’ve been trying to get different versions of this.
The spawn rate of Broodmother has been an issue since players first came across the “legendary hunt” enemies way back when the game first came out.
Anyone have any ideas WHY this is still an issue (even during the farming frenzy event)?

What platform are you on? If it’s PC I can send you some Scourges.

Thanks for the offer but I’m on PS4

Have other players noticed an issue with the event and some of the rare / legendary hunt spawn or is it just me?

Apparently it was an issue with the last event for rare spawns too. Stumbled on a reddit post about it

Add me on PS4: etoipi

I have some scourges I’ll mail you. Might be Monday morning though

I thought she counted as some other enemy category (like Hammerlock’s bounty or something).

She is technically one of hammerlocks legendary hunts but has been slightly bugged since launch I believe.
A previous patch was supposed to put Zero’s “targets of opportunity” and hammerlocks “legendary hunt” guaranteed spawns at player level but some of these still didn’t work correctly