Farm Heavy Heads for Trade! (And I need friends)

Ok, so I’ve been farming longer than parts of southeast Asia. Thus far I have managed to get a few of the heads off of Henry, and almost exclusively Zer0 heads from BNK3R. Was wondering if anyone had a vault full of extras for trade? Could use some Zer0/Maya heads from Terra, Vermiv, bunker, etc. Axton and Krieg heads are also appreciated, buut the waifu and I play primarily Zer0 and Maya.

Current Heads for trade:

Double Suplex Time
Look in my eye damnit
I cant breathe in this

Unreality (Bnk3r)

Shrapnel Slayer


PART 2: Destiny has gotten hella boring for me until the next expansion, so I am looking for a good group of people to start progressing through the rest of UVHM and OP levels. I’ve got a 72 Zer0, working on gear for a melee build. Hit me up in a message for my PSN!

I will keep an eye out. dont believe i have any at the moment. Im looking for friends also. add me Storm0king