Farmability problems continue

Hello, all,

Maybe I’m just not patient enough, but I still can’t seem to get Rooster Booster to spawn. I’ve run back and forth through Stanton’s Liver probably 10 times, including full log outs, and haven’t seen him. Is anyone else experiencing this? Am I doing something wrong?

Na he respawns for me. Did you turn in the sidequest that makes him spawn?

Yes. He’s from the Grinders mission, unless I’ve completely lost my mind.

I didn’t expect to see him spawn every time, but 10 trips in w/o seeing him seems like a lot.

Everytime i save and quit hes respawns so i dunmo

According to the patch you aren’t even supposed to have to log out, just zone out and back in, the same way Corporal Bob works.

for me at least i can confirm Meg, Powersuit Noob, and the Tiny Destroyer on ps3

Yea on 360 the giant shorgrath on the bunch of ice holes mission, even more digusting tork, rooster booster, bruce, rabid adams, meat head,drongo all respawn

imma visit those clown shoes in due time. all. in. due. time. just need Kaneda’s Laser… TETSUUOOO

Then it’s gotta be something I’ve done or failed to do. Checking TVHM now instead of UVHM.

Wouldn’t it be faster to pause and quit everytime you killed Rooster Booster anyways? He’s on the opposite side of the map from where you zone in. Running to him and then back to the entrance cannot be faster than pausing, quitting, and restarting.

check your mission log just to be sure you have or haven’t done the mission …? some dude was saying he has power suit noob spawning without having the mission done yet sooooo…

Yea i didnt test leaving the map and re entering. Im just so used to saving and quitting in bl2. So that’s what i do in this game and the bosses respawn everytime. Thats good enough for me. Enemies are on a timer maybe after you exit and re enter and kill him again you have to wait awhile.

It can be faster if you feel compelled to kill all the bad guys between the entrance and the spawn point every time they show up. In UVHM I end up having to stop and kill all the yard trash respawns because if I don’t they follow me.

Here’s a stupid question: is Rooster’s respawn point the same as his original spawn point on top of the train station?

Yeap on top the train station

Hrm. Then I’m at a loss. I’ve done the mission because I have access to the grinder. I have the patch because I have all my inventory slots. I haven’t tested the other now-farmable bosses to see if it’s isolated to Rooster.

just a thought but just because you can use the grinder doesnt mean youve done the mission in that playthru and if by chance that is the case you cant farm RB


The mission is complete. It’s in the completed list of both playthru’s that I’ve checked.

Ill see if it works on my game in a little bit and let you know.

I’m going to reboot my PS3 and see if maybe something got horked up with the patch install.