Farmability problems continue

Oh thank you, do you know how long it took?

They helped me within the same day. About 6 hours after i contacted them

Well since he was put on the patch list of “is now farmable”, shouldn’t we assume he should now respawn even if we kill him during the mission ?

I mean you’re not going to put a mini-boss on this patch list if you consider he was already respawning :wink: !

Oh cool Thanks a lot,im guessing they,ll tell me if they do

Yea thats the whole reason most likely. Before the patch he respawns but only if you trap him. So now hes farmable not matter what choice you make

Except the problem is it’s not respawning for me after having killed him to get the amp oz-kit.

See the conversation in this thread from post #3 and down from there.

O well if hes not respawning i dunno what’s wrong

Sorry, man, how do you use the grinder without having completed that mission?

Do you mean by using the new one in the Nexus?

In TVHM (and probably UVHM too, but am not there yet) you need to get closer to it, like almost touching it.

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if you did in normal ,for instance, you “don’t” have to have done it in true or ultimate to use as soon as you get to concordia.

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Is this true?

yes this is true

Well just try, and see for yourself :blush: !

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Funny, I came here to look for info on Corporal Bob. I’m having the above same problem with him. Haven’t tried Rooster Booster yet, but I haven’t seen Corporal Bob since the story playthrough.

That is, I reset after running MOST of the Claptastic Voyage quest. Played through beginning-to-end the main TPS quest. I saw Corporal Bob when I passed near his door, going from Jack’s Office to R&D. I haven’t seen him since, and I’ve been TRYING to get him to spawn (it’s been suggested that the Ack Ack oz kit is a big help against Eos, so I want to farm one before heading back in there). NO SIGN. Seems Corporal Bob went AWOL.

Sounds like something’s up.

I haven’t played since the patch… But good 'ol Bobbo ALWAYS respawned pre-patch. On ps3 anyhow.

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Is he a guaranteed spawn?

Or a “there is X percent of a chance he will spawn” type unique?

Went through there on a Normal mode toon, and got him 1/2. Also, he spawned by the detention center, where Nakayama hangs out, and not in his usual spot near Meg’s trash compactor. Has his spawn moved? This is only maybe the second time I ever saw him there.

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He always spawned near Nakayama’s location for my wife and I. Killed him like 5 times between the NVHM story and sidequests. Bugger never dropped anything either…

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corpral bob has 3 spawn locations 1. from the door near the trash compactor (where meg spawns) 2. the door near nakayama is and 3. door near one of the big display cases (I think its a turret gun gun inside)

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