Farmed Bunker for ten hours. No joke

Farmed while listening to my favorite podcast for ten hours.

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Nice! Ten consecutive hours? That’s dedication.

Word of advice, the rare loot relic doesn’t affect drops above Blue rarity. So you’d be better off equipping a relic that helps you kill the Banker faster.


The relic does affect drops of all rarity but not by much. It increases the chance that when a white weapon would drop, it’s actually a weapon of a higher rarity. You are technically more likely to get a world drop legendary, but the increased likelihood is tiny, so in practice you’ll just see more greens than whites, maybe some blues occasionally. It doesn’t affect assigned drops, so in farming it is indeed better to have a relic that helps more efficient kills.


I recall reading a lot tests coming to conclusion to the relic only increases chance for rare items to drop as for “rare” as blue color rarity. In expense it makes other rarities 5% less common, likely legendaries included.

Hmm. I’m just going off what I’ve read on these forums and Gearbox’s article

(Gut0nez’s comment)

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This is correct.

That damned relic has been the cause of so much confusion…

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Gearbox pls buff relic
Make it so it gives legendaries a guaranteed chance from all enemies

You think that’s bad. Try farming quest rewards. Getting a practicable heart breaker took me weeks xD. But good on ya man! Glad you carried through and decided to do the right thing and farm for ten hours (no sarcasm, it may have came out wrong ;). Also its the name of the gun… Just say bitch xD

I farmed bunker for at least 10 hours over several days like 3 or 4 b!tche$ and like a 85% Sham.


Also bitch isn’t a swear word, it’s the proper name for a female dog.

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Somehow spelling the word like that makes it seem even more lewd and indelicate :dukegrin:

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Thanks! Now I feel kinda stupid for using it for so long.

The relic that is.

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