Farming a cutsman

I ve been farming borman nates for more than 4 hours and not a single cutsman dropped. How am I suppose to farm one in shock with the anointed perk I want? Drop rates and rare enemy spawn rate should be adjusted in my opinion


I have gotten unanointed electric and incendiary ones and an anointed corrosive one from Gigamind.

Probably 50 total runs on M4. Getting exactly what you want is probably not going to happen


Rare enemy farming is especially bad on console because it takes so long to save/quit and reload the level.

I was farming Borman myself yesterday. He showed up 15 times out of 63 runs and dropped a single Cutsman that whole time.

That’s an hour and 45 minutes for a single Cutsman, and it wasn’t even the element I was looking. With a full hour of that time spent staring at a loading screen. (Averaged 99 seconds per run, with 42s of that “playing” and 57s loading each time.)


My stance on those so called ‘rare spawns’ is that on Mayhem 2-4 those ‘rare spawns’ shouldn’t be rare anymore and spawn every time just like those legendary hunts and zero targets.

Because even then the stuff doesn’t drop always, like I farmed a specific (legendary hunt) one about 8 hours (relatively quick kill ~5 mins) to get an acceptable weapon roll with the element I wanted.

Now imagine if it doesn’t even spawn 9 of 10 times, yeah then you suddenly are at 80 hours for one lousy weapon. But you know, playing 80 hours Lectra City or Athenas then would probably yield way more drops, may be even the one you search.


As a number of ongoing threads have laid out, dedicated drops are a mess right now. The current implementation simply doesn’t accomplish any of the goals that it should, chief among which is allowing players to farm a certain source to get the parts/anointment they want on a certain item. Until they fix dedicated drops, I’d recommend just farming whatever boss or circle of slaughter you prefer.


Over the weekend Neon Arterial has been dropping the best loot for me. !@#@ pain in the @$$ to farm on m4 though.
Got a cutsman from there is what I meant.

Agreed. I asked Gen. Traunt 30 times to show me the new Tediore gun he had received, and he refused.


I’ve done 50 runs on Nates, all on Mayhem 4, running the Loaded Dice relic.

2 legendaries: the Psycho Stabber and the Nuclear Infinity.

Enormous waste of time. Most of the runs he didn’t even drop purples. Dedicated loot pools certainly need work. That’s an awful drop rate for +700% loot and increased luck. Is there a bug?

Running on PS4.

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I’ve had many cutsmans drop from farming MM4 Captain and General Traunt over the past few weeks. But always had the easiest time going offline and busting the loot midgets on MM3 offline. You get sooo many legendaries so easily in that farm. Tried farming Hexes from the Little flyboys or whatever with no luck, only to get one from a random baddass on M4.
So I guess farm for an hour, then farm something else. You’ll get one eventually.
If you’re on PS4 I might have a few floating around in the bank. PSN: Angotti81

Ever since the supposed dedicated loot drops hit on PS4, I’ve gotten nothing from Borman Nates. I got more stuff before. I just want a damn Cutsman. Ugh!


I’ve picked up two, a 41 and just a bit ago a 50. Makes my Amara farming Traunt a BREEZE.

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This game became such a horrible grind. Plus the way to grind is just f-ed up. Who wants to go to the title screen every 2 mins and load up the game again. That is just horrible.

Plus with the addition of m4 you now have to grind.Because to play m4 competitive and have at least little fun you need really good weapons.

On m3 you could be running average weapons and still have fun. On m4 with bullet sponges and boring kill times that is gone.

GB keeps on dumping their game even further down the toilette. Besides adjusting some bugs, the day one release version is way better than all thecrap like m4, character nerfs, weapon nerfs they did after that.




the BabyMaker++?

Good loot to me, should take a good effort to be earned. It also increases the longevity of the game. This game showers you with legendarys. Bl2, pre loot drop increase. Was night and day comparsion to this game.

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There’s no bug, it’s just that dedicated loot drop rates aren’t affected by Mayhem or luck.

Borman Nates has a ~10% chance to drop one of his assigned legendaries. That’s the same in Normal mode (no Mayhem), True Vault Hunter mode (no Mayhem) and the same in Mayhem 1-4. Whether you have luck boosts via the Loaded Dice or Guardian Ranks – it’s just 10%.

And he has 3 legendaries in his dedicated pool: The Sawbar, the Psycho Stabber, and the Cutsman. So for each kill, you’ve got a roughly 3.3% chance that he’ll drop the legendary you’re looking for.

That’s why I always farm rare spawns on normal mode because I can kill them much more quickly.


LOL. I would like to know what they set the Hyperfocus XZ41 for with Graveward then. He drops those like candy. Moxxi Endowment artifacts as well. I’m talking 5 Hyperfocus and 3 Moxxi artifacts in just 50 runs. And with those numbers you can’t tell me that’s not a dedicated drop.

Yeah, but your odds of getting an anointed one is near zero. TVHM and Mayhem levels don’t effect dedicated loot drop rates, but they absolutely effect odds of anointments and getting the best versions of the item.

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Hyperfocus is set to power troopers. Moxxi’s endowment is indeed set to GW. Hyperfocus drops like candy from anything btw I get them all the time. As we speak I have 4 on the ground in SS.

I have a feeling they set world drop rates higher on underused weapons because GBX has this weird fetish about trying to make us try out things we don’t like.


grave or shaft are far better farms for cutsman than nates


Does Killavolt have a dedicated Cutsman drop too? Farmed him an hour today for Transformers, he dropped one of them but actually two Cutsmen. 2-3 hours of Borman Nates farming got me one.