Farming boss is it boring for you?

I love this game for the gameplay, the variety of characters.
But farming is so boring. Kill 200 times the same boss to have the good item with the good annoing.
I Prefer if i can farm where i want and reroll weapons with eridium and gold.
That do you think about it?


There’s tons of topics on this subject alone :sweat_smile:

But anointments are IMHO the main cause of the massive diluted loot pool.

I also think anointments have a counterproductive effect and keeping a lot of people from using the items because they are not the favorable variant with the favorable anointments.

Making your point even stronger that farming just becomes a boring grind fest.


Farming bosses is such a bl thing. So I don’t bother doing it, but anointments are very bad to farm for. Like yeah you could luck out and get a good one first try but if I have to farm killavolt 4 hours for only non elemental and bad anointed monarchs with that ginormous loading time yeah, then I hate it.
I really hope they get rid of some anointments or make them rerollable, most of them are really bad like moze autobear or while iron bear is active anointments, I get they have a purpose but that is a real niche and they seem to spawn even more frequently


I think a massive amount of legendaries add to the overall boringness of it all. I mean how many golden lights can you look at before you fall asleep, it is akin to watching paint dry.


Farming the same boss repeatedly hoping for a single piece of perfect gear sure seems boring, based on the accounts of the local farmers.

Playing the entire game randomly and picking up incrementally better gear as it shows up is how I “farm”, and is way more enjoyable for me. The closest I get to farming is checking Earl’s vending machine every single time I’m in Sanctuary III (and most vending machines out in the galaxy).

The one firearm that still eludes me is a purple-rarity Blastphemy… don’t care about the element, don’t care about the anointment (do care that it’s level 65). “Farming” for this has brought me all over the galaxy, and has been thoroughly enjoyable so far.


I consider this to be far more ideal as well. The trouble comes in with dedicated drops tied to minibosses. If I want a one-pump chump, for example, I’m back to savequitting on repeat.
It doesn’t take very long to see every single world drop legendary in the game (purples are another matter). Collecting ones with different anointments does extend it a bit, but what I’d like is a way to encounter the various minibosses randomly in some other form, maybe during proving grounds or slaughters, or in the arms race, or in world events in TVHM (NOT always in the same location).
I remember Sanctuary having that bounty board after the story that sent you to kill a certain miniboss every once in a while. What’s up with that, and why the hell is it so rare to find anything there? Imagine if completing that gave you the boss’s drop as a mission reward, or if it was a guaranteed drop when you killed him.


It did take some time to eventually get one of everything (and mail from friends definitely helps), but once I have a One Pump Chump, for example, I’m sorted… not being married to anointments really helps, but I just need these to drop once and I’m good.

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I have never really been into farming bosses. I will occassionally get the urge to do a boss rush at the end of a session just to see how many I can clear within 30 minutes or so.

Is it possible to hate farming bosses but to be very interested in min-maxing my build? (EDIT - LOL, sarcasm, obviously it is). That’s kind of where I am.

From what I have seen on the forums and other socials, BL players seem to fall into three categories when it comes to farming:

  1. Farmers who enjoy farming;

  2. Farmers who do not enjoy farming, but want that perfect piece of gear, or at least a piece of gear that will improve their build (even if not perfect); and

  3. The anti-farmers who only want to play the game.


I really like the way legendary drops are handled in the DLCs, where all of the legendary gear is in the world drop pool but also have dedicated sources.

I wish the main game was more like this, but tbf the main game legendary pool is so large even if GBX did so, it would be hard to notice…hm.


Monotony is the main issue with farming. Other games get around this by giving the player serveral QoL options such as:

-Gear that be crafted or bought in addition to having a farming location
-Rerolling attributes on loot
-Player controlled mechanics, like buffs, optional challenges, difficulty sliders, etc, that increase the drop rate of rare items
-Gear upgrading

Not saying Borderlands needs all this (except balance) as part of the fun of Borderlands has been the random and chaotic nature of its loot system. BL1 did this the best as finding a god roll purple, or even blue in a chest, was in some ways, more hype than finding a legendary. In BL1 you can just focus entirely on enjoying the general gameplay and still feel rewarded killing random enemies and opening various chests around the world. Especially since it was possible for a random bandit to be equipped with a powerful purple or legendary that they then dropped when you killed them.


That’s how I played it before mayhem 2.0

Now I have pretty much the best gear…

So farming world drops… They drop like rain so I had every single variant dozen times over :sweat_smile:

Farmed a sandhawk once… I really didn’t like doing so… And ended up giving up trying to build around the weapon. Same for the monarch… Didn’t even try farming for it…

The small level increases made farming even more tedious…

And on top of that… There’s no challenge at this point… Mayhem 2.0 was supposed to be a difficulty scale. But people who played M4 all jumped to M10 and the mayhem system didn’t do anything to increase difficulty.

Atm M10 can be played and farmed with sub-par anointments so there’s not really a need to farm for better. But half the guns are allready special snowflakes without anointments (soulrender for example)

Not taking a jab at you or your way of playing :wink:
But there’s a lot of people out there tired of farming because that’s the only thing left to do :sweat_smile:

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If the combat doesn’t interest them, and they’re only here for the farming, the game automatically has a shelf life? Once a farmer with no interest in the local combat offerings has the best, perfect-est gear, of course the game gets boring… like the game is over at that point.

For me the game has allready gone stale :pensive:

Ever since I was able to clear M4 the game went downhill…

Then M2.0 got announced and I started playing again the day it went live…
The abundance of problems aside… It quickly became apparent that M10 wasn’t more difficult then old M4 (appart from the addition of some overly flashy modifiers)

I replayed the game once with my main and halfway through I regretted doing so :pensive:

Atm I’m just replaying DLC 1 and 2 (3&4 I didn’t really like either)

All this looks like I’ve just got everything out of the game I could… But I’m still playing (and enjoying) BL2

Getting a legendary in 2 feels awesome (hell even purple guns I still take time to check out) … Getting a legendary in 3 feels like you’re buying a lottery ticket (and I don’t even bother picking up anything but good rolled legendaries)

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Bounty board generates missions when someone on your friends list kills a rare spawn enemy as a way to guarantee you encounter them. Your lack of Bounty missions is because most players have quit this game and the few that are left aren’t hunting rare spawns. Gearbox made them guaranteed though, I think, or increased their spawn rate, to fix this.
Yet another example of a game feature that sounds cool, but isn’t that great, and accidentally craps on a load of players (in this case, those that play offline and anyone who doesn’t have friends playing too).

Even when it worked, though, the rare spawn enemies had a terrible drop rate on their dedicated drops, so you ended up farming them too much.
This game NEEDS some way to cut down on the farming, like the grinder or a way to reroll parts/anoints on loot, because farming SUCKS.


i don farm i play


It is boring to me, that’s why I don’t do it.

With the drop rates the way they are, it is pretty easy to find a better gun. Looking for the best one is probably another story, but I feel you don’t need the best, just good enough that makes game enjoyable. Even without farming, my characters somehow accumulated plenty of Lightshows, Beacons, Hellshocks, Flippers, Hellwalkers, Harolds, Transformers, and the list goes on.


The “end game” of Borderlands is ridiculous and out dated, boss farming included. The fact that the most efficient way to find specific items is repeatedly quitting and reloading your game is evidence of a total lack of effort in building a well thought out end game experience. It’s baffling, especially when you consider how many great ideas are out there that they could implement.

Don’t even get me started on the absurdity of the Anointment “system” or Mayhem 2.0…

It’s frustrating as a long time fan, because the actual game play is so damn fun, that it makes you wonder how incredible this game could have been had it been made by a developer that actually knew how to create a fun end game experience and compelling loot system.


Indeed, after all the anointments, level increases and skill damage scaling… There actually no use in maxing out anything :pensive:

That’s why M2.0 did not have the desired effect… M11 feels the same as old M4 and I want them to give me more challenge :sweat_smile:
And I’m not talking about trying to blind me with lazors :joy: mayhem modifiers where far from the challenge I wish they where.

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I don’t get how some of you guys totally hate farming. Yeah it is tedious, yes it takes time but it’s a Borderlands game, what do we expect after all? We being thrown with tons of world drops is actually a way to make farming less boring to me: all my god roll trevonators came as world drop and not from Beans. I feel like they should do some work around some items locked behind a time consuming farm or boss, like reduce the amount of possible rolls or set higher percentages for elements ( ehm ehm… Monarchs…). I feel like people are very disappointed in the game but i feel potential, I love every second of the gameplay and I am sure they will improve the balance