Farming boss is it boring for you?

The biggest problem is that anointments are meta. And there are weapons like the soulrender (easy example) which even without anointments is a pretty hard one to farm.

First, it has to drop, then it has to have the element you want and then it has to have the parts/trigger you want… If you add wanting a good anointment to the mix it really becomes tedious.
I only found 1 and that was around the first time I finished DLC2 for the first time… Never got close to finding the same one ever again…

But hey there’s always trading and other ways of getting what you want.

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The Xam and Tom farm is pretty easy without having to save quit,kill only one of them and fast travel to where you drop down,they respawn drop down again rinse and repeat,when I’m done it looks like the slaughter shaft after 25 runs then kill both and sort though what dropped then save quit to clear room and repeat


That’s awesome. Thanks for the tip

Agreed with this, this is the best way to farm any of the world drop-capable items from the GLT DLC. The only thing that I really don’t see drop from them regularly is the Old God. I think it is supposed to be a world drop, but I almost never see that one from Xam and Tom. Great place to farm Soulrenders, Oldridians, and Insiders (maybe some others that I forgot, but those are the ones that I have used with my builds). You cannot get a Skullmasher or Cocky Bastard though, those only come from the Skrittauri (sp?) chests or Eista.

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Slightly off topic but my best results getting Old god shields regularly in my drops is from Amach in Cursehaven while farming for the Unseen threat

Literally any sign of progress from the genre’s other games that we have seen in the past decade. Diablo’s Horadric cube appeared in 2000, for christ’s sake.
The borderlands series itself tried something else with the presequel’s grinder. People said it was “OP” (personally I liked it), but the idea could have been improved.


Yeah Bl3 needs something like the grinder. It was not that Op in TPS tbh, it was fair and a way to use moonstones after SDU


Farming boss boring ? no , but farming 10 days for just 1 good roll it’s boring , really boring and kill the fun of this game , the issue ? Anoints of course and randoms roll of items , everything in this game is random , Artefacts , Class mod , Weapons each parts is random it need to be fix and fast , for me i can’t play the game like i want because of this i guess we just have to wait maybe 5 years for this game to be fix

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Pretty easy farm yes, easy to get the desired soulrender? Nope

If I were on a good PC or a next-gen console then I feel like the farming wouldn’t be terrible. The load times on PS4 take well over a minute each time and it takes you out of the immersion immediately. I have to be doing another activity like cleaning on reading while I farm because I am so sick and tired of staring at loading screens.


All the proof you need that Gearbox has no idea what they’re doing when it comes to their loot system is to look at Earl’s vending machine.

Players wanted a way to get quest rewards. Gearbox gave it to them. Sounds good right? Well, no. The problem is that save/quit farming a vending machine is possibly the most boring thing ever dreamed up by a human being. Instead of coming up with something fun they came up with something that is technically functional and nothing else. Technically you can get a chance at quest reward items (unless it’s from a DLC). Gearbox had a cool opportunity to innovate and come up with a new way for players to get the gear they want and they put it in a vending machine. No sorry, they gave it a CHANCE to be in a vending machine. What an exciting addition to the game. And tons of quest rewards never spawn with anointments, so their efforts were somewhat in vein anyway.

I don’t play many other looter games but I imagine there are some that actually let players have fun while farming? Gearbox seems to think “well, players save/quit farmed in BL2 so that means that’s the best way to design our new game’s loot system!”

I just don’t understand this game sometimes.


To be fair to gearbox, you’re missing one crucial factor: TPS.
When TPS launched there was ZERO farming. None. Cus bosses weren’t respawnable, you COULDN’T farm them. Instead, bosses dropped a single unique weapon (guaranteed) and had a chance at dropping a legendary, but if you missed it you had to use the grinder (or reset progress in UVHM). No more farming, just toss all that extra loot into the grinder and get a legendary that way. It was great, except it needed some work cus a few items couldn’t drop from the grinder and inventory space sucked, but the system was good and it let players actually PLAY THE DAMN GAME instead of killing one thing over and over and over and over…

And what happened?

I remember it perfectly. A bunch of players went crazy and complained they couldn’t farm.
Like, they actually complained, cus they weren’t able to farm, they had to play THE GAME instead. And maybe farm the grinder a bit, which was still boring but didn’t involve save/quitting or staring at loading screens.
If they’d just built the grinder into vending machines instead of forcing players back to a hub map, it would been even better.

And then players found one boss, the hidden boss, which DID respawn, so they farmed the everloving sh*t out of it, and complained that it was boring. That’s right, they went out of their way to do the thing the game wouldn’t let them and whined about doing it.
So 2k Australia made the bosses farmable, when they should have been focused on DLCs and stuff.

The end result was that the first borderlands game to discourage boss farming got forced to add it back in.

AND THEN, the new gearbox team, who were to make BL3, decided to try and discourage boss farming again, with the world loot system. And what happened? Players went crazy again and they were forced to add dedicated drops back so people could farm.

Don’t get me wrong. As much as I hate farming, I can see why having a set place to go to for a specific item would be better, but BL3 wasn’t designed for it, and this team did not do a good job trying to fix that. Hell it’s STILL easier to get some items as world drops than to get them from their dedicated spot.

Tl;Dr - So yeah, farming SUCKS and the reason we have such a focus on it is that the most vocal players chose that.


Lol, try nearly 2 minutes on my Xbox, it is stupidly slow

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I usually incrementally update through world drops. Problem I have is exclusive non world drops , which frequently turn into a farming nightmare ( real example: F… you Borman Nate where is my psychostabber ? :rage:)


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I’ll admit, at first I was concerned about there not being farming in BL3, cause I thought, due to my usually poor luck, I would basically never be able to get a Shredifier by pure chance. But seeing as BL3 was also way more balanced at launch, I was content with using a purple Vladof AR. In fact, for the first time since BL1, it actually felt really good to use purples in the end game. I remember being able to shred the Slaughter Shaft at Mayhem 3, before Mayhem 4 was a thing, with a purple fire AR as Moze, no annointment too. Granted it was due to having modifiers that increase AR and fire damage but it was still fun. Honestly I didn’t mind having to adjust my playstyle around modifiers that much. It made me want to always keep a wide array of weapons to use, rather than just use mostly Vladof/high fire rate weapons, which was the main reason why I wanted to play Moze. Mayhem 4 modifiers had it almost perfect where you just had 2 modifiers, one for you, one for the enemy, but due to the massive amount of health enemies had at the time, it was where annointments started to feel mandatory, but considering you didn’t need to play on Mayhem 4 to get scaled up weapons, it was still better.

Imo, it really was Mayhem 2.0 where everything just went to ■■■■ and got worse and worse as time went on. Dedicated drops weren’t needed but it didn’t make the game worse. With Mayhem mode, all they really needed to do was tweek the stats on the modifiers and make it so certain negative ones couldn’t roll together. Things like having a decrease in normal damage+increased elemental damage as well as a decrease in AR and sniper damage pretty much made all normal ARs and snipers useless, and the decrease in AR and sniper damage would be pointless for elemental varients as they still did increased damage, just slightly less. Making certain weapons less effective on occasion is fine, but they should still be capable of killing things quickly. At the very least anything that isn’t a badass/boss.


I don’t remember non-respawning bosses in TPS, only the guy in the prologue mission who dropped the nukem. You could be right, but they must’ve changed it fairly early. It doesn’t really matter, just wondering aloud.

In any case, my stance is that the best approach, as a starting point, is to have everything in the world drop pool, but every item also has a dedicated drop source.


Yeah this. You would think it is not that complicated :sweat_smile:


I think farming the same boss over and over can be a good change of pace. Mobbing maps takes up most of the game, so its nice to do something else for hours. We could do without the save-quit though. :confused:

I think one of the best farming experiences I have in BL is the Knoxx armory. It’s a long stretch of chest farms but its just so relaxing to do. I’d like to see more treasure rooms in BL4.

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I mean Bl1 armory farm was doable with no timer due to a Glitch so on the paper it shouldn’t have been a relaxing farm, more of a rushing one, just like the loot room at the end of dlc4