Farming Bosses for Legendary Loot - Do I have to close app every time?

I was farming Graveward last night on PS4 (I’ve completed the main story already). After defeating GW and collecting what I wanted, I quit the game via the in-game menu. When I went back in to the GW arena, he wasn’t there. Nothing ever spawned there. I had to close the app and then restart the game to get GW to show.

Honestly, I may have only fast travelled back to Sanctuary and went back to the GW arena, which didn’t respawn the boss, but I believe I tried quit game as well. The only thing that worked for sure was closing the app, but that seems to be excessive.

Which method is the right one? When I look at YouTube vids, this is not really made clear, to me at least.

Excuse the post length, I figured the more info I provided the less follow up questions. Thanks in advance guys and gals!

Just quit out of the game and reload. You don’t need to close the app.


What they said ------^

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Just Savequit into the main menu, then load back in. That should do the trick.

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Thanks for the replies everyone. I will give that a try and report back. I’m assuming that I don’t have to go back to Sanctuary first? I can just save quit from whichever area I want to get back to?

Yeah just kill graveward, exit to main menu, restart the game in his map. Rinse and repeat

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Thanks I’ll definitely try that. As I think about it I’m almost sure I went to sanctuary first and just went back to that board. I had it as high as Mayhem level 4 when I started farming but I kept getting killed by the time I got his bar to about 1/4 or less left. I was wondering why it was so damn hard LOL! Then again GW dropped two legendaries halfway through one of the battles while on Mayhem 4

Eureka! That worked without a hitch. Way to explain in plain and simply. Much appreciated!