Farming Claptrap's glitch guns

I accidentally stumbled across this.

Follow the story through to the point where the admin password gets ground. Claptrap will then lead you down the nexus, through the quarantine, and down one more level to get some weapons. As soon as you open the gun case that falls down and collect the single glitch gun, save and quit.

Reload and repeat.

Slow but effective.

Yea I’ve seen a video for this. IMO the denial thresher in overlook is a better option. Not only do you get a glitched gun every time.(at least I have all 15 runs on him.) But he also gives a good bit of exp and other items drop to sell or use if they’re any good. And he’s really not a difficult mini boss.

I prefer to fight the denial Subroutine and grind the glitch guns i get. Allready got a great Coach Gun. Although i suppose Dashboarding “The Spy Who Came In From The Cold” would be infinitely faster.