Farming Dedicated Drops...What's the Magic Number?

I’ve put about as much effort into farming the Plaguebearer (PB) as I have the Backburner (BB), since the BB was set to a proper Mayhem level. In that time, I have gotten 20 BBs and 2 PBs. Consider that the Warden has those immunity phases, it’s a much longer farm than Aggy 9000.

I stopped tracking my kills after 50+ attempts, but on average, it took me about 13 kills per BB. I don’t know how many it took to get my first PB (over 50).

What seems like the right number of kills for a dedicated drop? What seems like the right number for the drop in the element/anoint/misc bonus that you want? I feel that 50 is more than enough for the “perfect drop”, which would require a vast improvement in the drop rates.

What are your opinions?
How many kills do you feel is reasonable for a dedicated drop?
How many kills for the perfect version of that drop?
Should it matter based on the item in question?

I’m in agreement with the general principle you’re thinking about: dedicated drop chances should be more even across sources.

Phase 2 of M2.0 is supposed to spread dedicated drops out and increase dedicated drop rates; and (I think) it’s coming out part and parcel with the DLC3 update, this hopefully won’t be an issue after next Thursday.

I wish that any named enemy with a dedicated drop should always drop something from their dedicated pool. Even on M10 with guaranteed annointments it can still put your chances of a perfect roll well under 1% with a 100% drop rate(assuming everything actually is random).

Using a Monarch for example, if the drop rate was 100% you could say 100%/2 for X4 or X8. Then 50%x(1÷6) for the element you want. Then 8.33%(1÷50) for the annointment you want. Leaving you with a .17% chance for a perfect roll, and this doesn’t even include parts.


Check out zkarma on YT.

+1 for zKarmaa on YT

Agonizer maybe a test case for future dedicated drops.
It is definitely very positive.
Hopefully, it will implement across the board.

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When I tried to farm Agonizer for a BB, all of the loot fell through the cage floor. The only thing that I could pick up was money and eridium.

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What fell for me seemed to be cosmetics, based on what came out of my Lost Loot Machine. Did you check your LLM to see if anything showed up? I’m pretty sure, based on the way the loot falls, that the dedicated drops are falling on the platform.

Do you have Galaxy Brain enabled by chance? That seems to jettison the loot everywhere on Aggy 9K.

RNG randomness and this is if they were equal chances

The smaller the loot pool the greater chances of dedicated drops. We have seen this with agonizer 9000. Just to point out this was a recent fix. Now compared to Traunt who drops the Kaoson, Who has a larger loot pool and very similar to Graveward dedicated loot rate drops Are much smaller. This is what I have noticed, agonizer 9000 will drop a back burner or two approximately every 10 to 15 runs. Traunt will drop a Kaoson or two approximately every 15 to 30 runs. The sand hawk farm is somewhere in between the two of these. What I’ve concluded is drop rates are still all over the place, but chances are better when the loot pool is smaller. Looking for the right anointment, be prepared to put time in! If you get it on the first few runs throw a block party and be happy! If you don’t be prepared to waste a few days.

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So we at least need the dedicated drops spread out more so that each pool is smaller. Then we need a way to reroll anoints or apply new anoints. Then maybe we can get the items we want.

I mean, I get it, the idea is a gazillion guns. But, I didn’t think that meant I had to farm that many to get the drop I want.


Recently i farmed warden for 4 hours. I got one. I hate this game. I insta him too every phase with… Another plague bearer critical hitting his face for millions. Sometimes i shoot two… Still doesnt go past the immunity section… Its dumb.

Not sure if it will help but here’s what I’ve done. If you don’t start seeing the drops you’re looking for after 15-20 attempts, stop, quit and close out completely then reload the game. This has worked several times I’m not sure why.