Farming EOS question

So…in order to farm this guy, I have to run through the subconscious, which takes like 5 minutes, another 10-15 minutes to kill the guy…and no guaranteed legendaries after the first story kill?

Is the best way to farm absolute zero or the other DLC legendaries to just kill him on story mode, and grind 2 legs + the cheat code smg you get? Assuming you just alt - f4 when you get something you don’t want.

Answer: Yes

Answer: No, it shouldn’t take that long to run through the subconscious and then the sub-subconscious. As long as you’re just running and not stopping to fight along the way. :smile:

Answer: I wouldn’t farm him if it took that long. No it shouldn’t take 10-15 min. to kill Eclipse/EOS.[quote=“Eddizel, post:1, topic:1181039”]
and no guaranteed legendaries after the first story kill?
Answer: correct. no guarantee. But if you save/quite after the kill, you can load right back up without having to run through the subconscious again. Rinse/Repeat :blush:

Edit: What platform are you on? I would be happy to help you destroy EOS. I don’t need any loot. you can have it all. :wink:

I’m on Xbone, GT: Kurtdawg13

At least on 360, since it saves after he spits out the legendary, you can just pick up the loot with an alt and have that character save and exit, go to dashboard, and overwrite your main character with the previous save (which was right before he spit out the legendary). (Apologies if this is against forum rules, there didn’t seem to be any mention of this in the forum rules.) It takes an extra minute or two, but you don’t have to fight him again.

Also if time is the issue, there are plenty of cheap ways to cheese him. Although if you fight him enough (with a character you jive with) you can get down to 6-9 minutes kills fairly easily.

I am on PC. I have killed him a few times, I only have a 70 Wilhelm and have not farmed up top gear yet. I have not bothered to research who is the best at killing him or cheese strats, he seems like a 10-15 minute fight without great gear or cheese.

With this spec on my Jack,auto
and found weapons, I killed him in 8.

If nothing else, get 2 maliwan splitters in shock and corrosion. Even blue rarity ones will work. If you have those, he becomes a much easier fight with almost every character.

When I farm him, I usually just kill him, save/quit, enter, and do it again. Wilhelm is probably the least efficient at killing him, but you can definitely cut your time in half as you’re gearing up and figuring out where you’re losing time. My only 70 is Jack, and I’m no expert on Wilhelm, but the basic process of cutting time is figuring out how weapons are balanced, and figuring out which skills your class has which allow you to mitigate drawbacks. For example, rocket launchers are balanced by having low magazine size, low ammo pool, (typically) slow projectiles, and horrible reload speeds. Wilhelm has Afterburner, which can be boosted to 10/5 with the Celestial Enforcer COM. Right there, you’ve cut your reload in half and have a big boost to projectile speed. Laser Guided also gives him a very hefty +25% bonus damage, which is huge for rocket launchers. Again, I haven’t tried him with Wilhelm, but that is about how I would start working out how to speed up the kills.

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Thanks, but I know how the basics of borderlands works, I have probably around 1000 hours invested in the series, I just bought this game during the steam sale cause it finally looked worth the price of 20 bucks for the game and all the DLC. How invested I get in this one remains to be seen.

Good stuff. I find TPS to be a very fun change of pace, but it’s obviously light in endgame. I do pick it up more frequently than BL1, but BL2 is still home.

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