Farming Fantasy COM?

Is there any good place to farm for the fantasy COMs in the Tiny Tina DLC? I’ve only ever found a handful of them in random places.

Open all the green chests in The Forest or Dragon Keep. Those COMs are rare but they always come in a set of 4 from those chests. Just be weary of the mimics. You can also farm some Treants in The Forest for their Bees while your’re at it and take Aubrey’s Tree Hugger mission without completing it to heavily reduce the amount of Orcs in the camp at the cost of losing the two Treants that spawn in that area (there are still a lot of others though).

Bonus tip: If you reset UVHM and do this in The Forest without entering Immortal Woods you won’t even find any mimics (it’s possible completing Denial, Anger, Initiative triggers mimics as you’ll likely meet the first mimic soon after but better safe than sorry) giving you more opportunities per run.

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^^^ What BlackheartV said but there was a pic posted in the Item find of the Day thread where someone found a Ranger com in one of the small boxes that usually hold cash- and of course there’s the rare ‘legendary from a pot’ so- make sure to open/break everything!

Yeah, you basically just have to get lucky. The quickest run would probably be Dragon’s Keep, I think there are four chests you can hit and the map is tiny. But it does get boring running the same thing over and over, so run some others if you do.

I got lucky and found my blue and purple Chaotic Evil Necromancer mods in Dragon’s Keep and the Unassuming Docks, so I’m biased towards those lol. The Forest is a solid run too.

In the small room after you kill the ghost Kings. You can breakneck banshee/ rocket jump to there from the mines and there will always be two guaranteed chests with no mimics

Dragon’s Keep has 5 chests- one up and to the right of the stairs after you leave the fast travel, the second near the stairs the badass sorcerer comes down, the next two in the same area as the alter and the last just before the access to the top of the tower to face the Handsome Sorcerer…

Oh yeah, derp. I forgot about the last one.

Which ones are you looking for? I’d be happy to help farm those. :slight_smile:

You can only get them from chests. If you want to do some fast, calm farming that has no possibility of getting you killed, fast travel to the Mines of Avarice and immediately use the Immortal Woods back exit next to the fast travel. Run past the basilisks in front of the exit and backtrack to that room that has two chests. Open them and then save and quit. Once you return, you’ll spawn right at the Immortal Woods back exit, so just head back to the room and open the chests again until you get a COM chest. Each run takes less than a minute, there are no enemies to distract you (other than the basilisks), there are two guaranteed chests per run and there’s no chance of either of them being a mimic. That’s how I farmed for my AODK exclusive COMs.

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That’s a great idea, I do like farming Dragon Keep for the mimic BA ranks while I’m farming for the COM’s, but it’s a pain to be dodging enemies etc., for just the farming COM’s part, your idea sounds much better

Looking for a Chaotic Evil Monk COM with +6 Money Shot & +5 Sexy T-Rex. The one I have had +5 Asbestos, which is a skill I don’t use, so it kinda goes to waste. If you want to help farm for one, then I appreciate it.

To everyone else, thanks for the tips. I’ll have to try the suggested runs out soin.

Quickest and easiest farm for the Tiny Tina COMs imho: Go to The Winged Storm and travel back to the Lair of Infinite Agony (I asume you have already completed the DLC). Quit and restart. You will spawn at the door to The Winged Storm. There´s a chest on the right near this door. You can loot it before having to fight the skeletons there. Rinse and repeat. I got all of my “Chaotic…COMs” from there.

This is the one I prefer. I don’t spec that high into the Brawn tree to utilize the T.Rex version of the COM. Glad you got it.

Edit: I have been thinking of moving to the Raider COM that has +6 MS and +5 Incite. this would free up some points to be placed elsewhere. Something I’ve been “chewing on” for a bit now.

I’m pretty fired up to do some cooping. I’ll hit you up when i get home. I’d like to spawn Vermi again.

Thank you all for the advice. Particularly @anon13808724 because it was his route that I used. Took less than an hour. Got a bunch of COMs. And a max stats Chaotic Evil Monk with +6 in Money Shot and +5 in Sexual Tyrannosaurus.

And as an amusing aside, it turns out the one I had was modded. I didn’t notice until I compared it to my new one. But the Monk COMs are Vladof. The old one I had, with +5 in Asbestos, was apparently made by Maliwan. Mistake I’ve seen people who gib these things make before. Never cared that much about it before, I really just reserve it for boss fights, so I just never noticed. Nothing actually cheating about it, beyond it obviously being made instead of coming from RNG. But the illegal one is now gone, and the replacement with Sexy T-Rex is ready to go.