Farming for hectoplasem

So where are the best areas to farm up some ghost goo? Any areas that favor long ranged stiles of play?

Proving grounds is a great way to farm hecktoplasm I seem to get enough in one run then do the event area

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Thanks, i had forgotten about those.

running through Athenas also seems to do the trick

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Anvil works too, got them there during Story just half the way to the Warden.

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Konrad’s hold. Fast travel to slaughter shaft, go to konrad’s and kill varkids. Save quit repeat.

One or two waves of round one for Slaughter Shaft.

A random I joined had this unlocked too,he/she was doing the sky well mission,and we got all 25 there. Good lengthy map full of all sorts of baddies to vanquish,just like all the other areas,our members pointed out. Good hunting,everyone!

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Considering you have to farm for the rare spawns, I have been farming those areas for ghosts to continue the mission, go into heck/do challenges there, rinse and repeat.

Pretty disappointed with this event. I’ve farmed goo and killed Haunt 4 times now. It’s the same thing over and over.

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Yeah. Just feels… bad.

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…There is a loot Ghost, just killed one near the prison and it dropped a ton of loot.

I don’t think you understood what I meant. There is a literally several challenges for killing haunted versions of the rare spawns from Week 2 of the anniversary event. So basically, you end up farming plenty of ghosts up while trying to get those to actually spawn in.

i start in athenas it’s my normal farm run anyways. and before i am even up to chupacobratch i am done collecting it.

Lectra City has a decent density.