Farming for Legendaries

So I’m just curious, I played through normal mode on xbox 360 and if course picked this up for my ps4 the second it came out and still love it. However, when fsrming bee shields yesterday, I found about 10. All with the name “the bee” I though you could get different ones with different prefixes? Yea stats varied but they all just said the bee. Do I have to be in a different mode to get those?

I don’t think the Bee shield had any variations in terms of effects (such as immunity to fire, elemental adaptive features, reduced damage to explosions).

I’ve had 4 on 4 different plays and every one of them were just generic

There were Inflammable, etc Bees when I played on PS3

The bee comes in all types of resistances.

I’ve farmed about 50 Bees and 2 had immunities, I’d say it’s pretty rare.

Yes, fairly rare.

From my small sample size over the past few year or two of playing ive had only a few resists, the hardest find for me was the reduce damage from explosions one!