Farming for proper anointments is exhausting

Mayhem 2.0’s implementation basically calls for specific anointments. Without them you’ll never get top Mayhem 10 weapons. Farming bosses for specific boss drop weapons is even worse. If we’re going to continue this way, at least give us a nice little side quest to investigate a vault for an eridian artifact that can reroll anointments for Eridium. I’m sitting on so much useless Eridium.


Seems like a smart reasonable fun thing to do. So we know it won’t happen.

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i totally agree but it needs to be really expensive : maybe just once per week or a new currency available only in the new raid

Just let it cost 5000 eridium and its expensive enough :smiley:

It shouldn’t cost more than 100 Eridiumbecause you know you’re gonna get the slide and airborne anoint 50 times before you get a decent one. :joy:


Well the question is random reroll or actively choosing
Sure, if it’s a slot machine, it should be rather cheap