Farming for Rare Skins - Advice from Vets?

Per thread topic, I have a handful of skins left to acquire for my Commando and wanted to hear from the vets who have gone through this painful process.

In particular, I’ve been running my OP-level toon through Southpaw on TVHM and have gotten lots of uniques and legendaries but have yet to see the skin. Does anyone have a recommendation on if I should just kill the first 1-2 assassins/restart or run the whole map? I notice items tend to fall through the floor with Wot so I’m being extra careful when I kill him… Also, does the recent hotfix affect this particular skin drop since it’s a white rarity?

Lastly, any advice on the Son of Mothrakk one? It’s such a ridiculously long run (after all this time I still can’t believe they gave him ANY designated drops) and I don’t think there are any shortcuts, so unless I get supremely lucky, maybe my best option is the trade forum?

Thanks in advance for any input!

The skin can drop from any of the 4 assassins, so whichever way that’s fastest sounds best to me. Son of Mothrakk… :unamused: I’d rather go naked! Hmmm… Interesting idea for certain chars.

I don’t think there’s a higher droprate for skins in UVHM, so if you’re just gunning for the skin, you could do it in TVHM. Really speedy!


Unfortunately, the skins of the Assassins are SERIOUSLY bugged. I forgot the exact rate but you’re looking at something close to 0.1% (or even 0.01%… yikes), maybe even worse (although the buff might have made it slightly better). Then we are looking at six different variants (which are at least weighed towards your class) so getting them all…

Son of Mothrakk is indeed an extraordinarily annoying boss. There’s an Out of Bounds Rocket Jumping method to reach him a lot faster but otherwise the shortest way is to start from then entrance to the Creature Slaughter Dome if you have purchased it or join someone else’s game with (enter and exit to make sure). That one is also a bit bugged and was meant to be fixed but it doesn’t seem to work reliably. It definitely works if you collected all the Slag samples during the main mission in that area.
And he also tends to drop his loot in unreachable locations.

Yes, skins and heads are affected as the buff increased the chance of the Legendary Loot Pool being accessed which contains all of the drops for Vanilla bosses. You may however get the wrong drop because random is random as they can only drop one item for the LLP once the 1:10 check has been passed.
Something strange happened for the Assassins though…

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:smile: That would explain why I’ve only gotten two in all those runs.

What, like Sal? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Of course Sal! It’s not like I’m a P3RV! :grinning:

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Ugh, didn’t realize this. I’d recently had some good luck with BNK3R heads and Dukino’s Mom skins and was hoping the same was true elsewhere. I’ll set some time aside each week running the Assassins and Saturn (maybe SoM) but not get too hopeful about any of it. Thanks for the info!

Gotta love it: ran the Assassins dozens of times the last two days (no skins), then switched over to Saturn to change things up and got the Commando skin on the third run. RNG, man……

From my experience, most of the skins you get from bosses actually drop pretty often. The problem with Son of Mothrakk and Captain Flynt isn’t the drop rates, it’s just that both of them are a pain in the ass to farm. For the Captain Flynt skins, farm Sparky Flynt instead. It’s a much easier, faster farm and he drops everything his dad drops, including the skins. With Son of Mothrakk you’re just gonna have to grin and bear it. Since you’re farming just for the skins, no reason to do it at endgame. Do it in normal or TVHM, makes everything faster and easier and the game mode doesn’t seem to have any effect whatsoever on their drop rate.

Son of Mothrakk, Dukino’s Mom, the Flynts, Saturn… I had no problem at all getting their exclusive skins. Now, the skins from the assassins? Those are a whole other story. I was trying to get all of the skins for my commando a while back, same as you. I got them all very fast with very little farming necessary… Except for the one from the assassins. I actually spent almost two months farming them every single day. I’m not sure how many runs or hours that amounted to, but by estimation it was probably over a thousand runs. I actually completed every weapon, shield, grenade, melee and enemy challenge that I could complete at Southpaw Steam & Power while farming them, including Crouching Tiger and Longshot. After completing all of those challenges I even did a few runs in UVHM, just to see if I’d have better luck there. I didn’t. Overall, I got hundreds of their blue uniques and over thirty Emperors, including a couple of elemental ones. Even the badass psycho that spawns next to Wot dropped a couple of the heads assigned to badass enemies. During all of that farming, the assassins didn’t drop one skin. Not a single one. Assassin Oney actually dropped a Storm Front once, but not a single skin. The drop rate for those skins is truly ridiculously low. It’s almost impossible to get them to drop. I haven’t given up yet, but I’m starting to make peace with the fact that I might never get the Black Ops skin as a drop. I’m just gonna leave this here for inspiration. I watch it every now and then, just to make me a believer once again:

By the way, I was farming the assassins mostly in normal mode and I only killed Wot and Oney during the runs. If anyone has a better strategy, I’m listening.

So, good luck to you, @hidoggie. If you ever get it to drop, remember to post it here.

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Yeah, I saw this video too whilst doing research on the drop. One of my biggest worries about farming the skin is that, even if I get it, it will fall through the floor (with Wot). Since it’s a white, there’s almost no chance I can make it down before it fades away. Have you found any safe spots to kill him?

Also, and very strangely, Wot appeared to drop a purple skin earlier that fell through the floor, but once I made it downstairs it was nowhere to be found. Maybe a vehicle skin that got caught between floors? Very puzzling.

Thanks for the encouragement. I don’t think I’ll have the patience to farm it for very long before moving on to other things but I’ll let you know if I have any luck!

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I’ve found the safest place to kill him is the spot he’s at in the video. I always wait until he runs for cover behind that box, which he does almost 90% of the time. It seems the loot he drops very rarely goes through the floor when you kill him there. If you kill him directly in front of the gate he comes out of, the loot is practically guaranteed to fall through the floor, so don’t kill him there unless there’s no way around it.

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You can kill rakkanoth for the son of mothrakk skins they do drop

Holy necro, Batman!

That aside, can you actually farm Rakkanoth? I thought he only appeared during the side quest, which means you’d have to dash-board farm while running the quest for each character in turn.

Dashboard farming is easier than the WEP I think, particularly if you don’t have the Slaughterdome. And if you’re after skins they will all drop with any character eventually so you can do it with just one.

And so much necro :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh yeah

Closed to avoid further thread necromancy :heart: