Farming Frenzy Anointed Drops

Although I have had some critical comments about aspects of the farming frenzy/hotfix, I wanted to take a moment to say that I’m finding the improved anointed drop rates very good. Even though it still takes a while to farm up that perfect variant you might be looking for, it feels like you are getting some reward for the time you put in. I feel less like I’m going to be saying “this was a waste of time” when I’m done playing. The world drops feel, particularly, less trashy. I hope everyone else has been finding that this aspect, at least, of the farming frenzy, has been a nice improvement.


I wish they gave a list of exactly what dedicated drops have an increased rate. They definitely all don’t.

The increased anointment rates are certainly nice. It’s almost like they make the game significantly more fun and rewarding, and should be made permanent…which was exactly what Gearbox promised and then didn’t follow through on when players responded very positively to increased anointed drops during an event a few months ago. Second time’s the charm, perhaps?

My wish is that M4 will keep the Annointed drops. You really should be rewarded for playing the game on it’s highest difficulty. If you’re character is M4 ready, that means you’ve already done a lot of work to get that far. Continued survival in M4 is very much dependent on a great build and great gear.

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