Farming Frenzy Jan 16th-30th

From BL Facebook:

Ready for a Borderlands 3 Farming Frenzy? During this mini-event from January 16-30, Rare Spawns will show up more often! Plus you’ll see increased dedicated, Legendary, and Anointed loot drop rates from Rare Spawns and Bosses!

Learn more:


Ok so we get this out of Takedown event at same time as Takedown event? Might as well put the events up and keep them there with no expiration because that’s where they need to be in the 1st place.


If they were smart (and they have a history of doing this), They’ll just make the changes permanent. They probably don’t want to straight up put in a hotfix that they buffed dedicated drops because they sucked


Yup, was thinking the same thing actually. I see them keeping those as they did with the mayhem modifiers week during the anniversary event. All in all, I’m looking forward to it tbh.

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This is actually buffing the takedown droprates too


Link to the release on the official site:


This is a quote from Patch 5 patchnotes (12th December). Did any of you feel that? No…
Will see if this time they actually do it, or it remains trash as it has been. Its easier to get your desired legendaries from world drops than it is fro Dedicated loot drops.


I know, I was just saying they need to leave it be and not do a “temporary event”, but a permanent fix/event instead. (They are making an event out of what a majority of posts in General Discussion are asking to help fix loot)


Interesting… I know what I’ll be doing this few weeks. I really REALLY do hope dedicated drops does happens especially at higher Mayhem levels. I will be praying for this miracle

At least I might hold out hope on farming a last stand deathless from phoenix, I do hope it’s more of a 25% drop rate rather the standard 0.03%

Yay, they do listen! Somehow I get the feeling that they are going to keep having events to sustain the player base.


this is perfect

This is great and all but they really need to find a happy medium between giving people what they want all the time and Las Vegas casino odds of getting what you want . So , if you don’t get at least close to what you want it goes back to “have fun fighting through the triple layer of RNG to get it.” ?


I farmed every legendary class mod and several great shields during that week between Katagowa jr and the demoskagin.
Seemed like a noticable bump from next to nothing.

This is great! I seem to remember an event late in the BL2 lifecycle that resulted in permanent loot drop increases. Hopefully they are testing out better rates to make long term in this game.


But those were patchnotes, not a limited time event notes. Patch is supposed to be permanent.

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Oh dear I thought that was from October when they did the event, yeah it’s still garbage rates lol.

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yeah , only keeping it alive for 2 week

“Borderlands 3 News” would be a great place for them to post this Borderlands 3 news.


Dont be silly. Everyone is on Twitter. /sarcasm