Farming Frenzy Jan 16th-30th

Call me Mr. Cynical but …

Hopefully they fix the game crashing to the dreaded blue screen that I experience 75% of the time when in the Maliwan Takedown. That bug along with some gearbox decisions have caused me to pretty much stop playing BL3.

In regards to the “hotfix” Gearbox has really set my expectations very low considering all the things they nerf and break when trying to apply a fix.

Given that the Maliwan Takedown difficulty is only affected for 2 weeks, i find it hard to get excited about.

Thanks Gearbox for throwing us dogs a bone, but since you’ll be taking it back in 2 weeks, you can just keep it.

I’m probably as ‘casual’ as it gets on this forum, and I don’t hear this announcement in the same way you present it above.

My reaction to the announcement: so, I will encounter more named enemies as I just do ‘stuff’, e.g. leveling my Moze or Zane, and they, together with story bosses etc., will drop more oranges. Cool… It would make me more likely to fire up BL3.

Farming in BL is 1) a choice and 2) is not really something ‘casual’ players do (we also need to define the meaning of ‘casual’, but perhaps it can wait). Frankly it does not even look like playing to me: constant reloads are, well, tedious and time consuming - if I only have 1 hour to play tonight, I don’t want to dedicate 20 minutes to loading screens.

So I disagree that ‘farming runs off casual players’ - lots of them probably don’t farm in the first place. At least I don’t - tried it a bit, and it does not work for me in the fun department. Just playing and using what drops - works just fine.


@ Charmlessbee …Very casual player here and your post makes some good points. I just have two words to interject … Trading Forums :joy::joy:

Thanks very much!

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I try to be neutral when I post things, but there is a part of me that feels… insulted by the way they handle this. “Temporary Event” in response to the many complaints about loot makes me feel like Gearbox does not think very highly of us forum users.

Admittedly I might also just be grumpy because they did not fix Iron Bear fuel problem and I had to get a Wisdom Tooth pulled yesterday so… :expressionless:


I have seen it said many times and maybe someone can help me understand this.

“microtrans should be illigal” “I hope they make MT illegal” etc…

why ? Not that I am a huge fan of them but they are not non profit companies and if people are willing to pay…

I don’t get it.

Back in the pre-launch pre-announcement speculation threads this came up endlessly, especially on the heals of certain games by certain other studios. The simple version is that instead of simple things like cosmetic items that didn’t affect game play, MTs were increasingly a “pay real money for a chance at an item that you absolutely need to finish this game/be competitive in PvP”. That is, to many people, a form of forced gambling and generated a ton of backlash at all levels. A consequence is that any form of in-game purchase got tarred with the same brush and seems to be viewed with deep suspicion by many.

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By this point in BL2’s life I not only had the full game to play (Which was longer and MUCH more enjoyable than this one) but I also had 3 major DLC packages, a new vault hunter, and several smaller challenges to play through.

With this game I get what feels like a stripped down main game, a single mediocre DLC, and the Maliwan takedown. There’s less than half the variety of BL2 at the same point in it’s life. And the great big event really doesn’t add a single thing to the game. It’s a huge event that changes NOTHING, other than slightly increasing your odds of getting a good drop while farming.

Yay for making a big hyped event that doesn’t actually add 1 second of new gameplay to the game.


Microtransactions are dangerously close to Pay to Win content. I paid for the game. I paid for the DLC. I shouldn’t have to pay anything more to get the gear to win the game. If I’m ever asked to I’ll never play another Gearbox game again.

Other games that rely heavily on microtransactions are free to play games. Now, if Gearbox wants to make the main game and DLC packages free to play I’ll not complain about microtransactions. But as long as I’m paying full price for the game and paying more for the DLC, I shouldn’t be asked to pay a single penny to get the best content the game has to offer.


Been farming the Sky Bullies 20 times now and they only drop one legendary every run, mostly their shield drops. Playing on MH4 so there’s a ton of badasses, hardened badasses and anointed enemies who have only given me 1 legendary from entering the anvil all the way to the sky bullies. They’ve been dropping a lot of anointed weapons but only in rare and epic.

To me it’s a bit of false advertising. These types of things should be upfront and not added after release. If they do come out with any more paid things I would not have bought the base game.