Farming frenzy legendary drop rates are atrocious (for me at least)

So i’ve been farming mostly The unstoppable for a few hours now (5 to 6 hours)… Also El dragon and Urist a bit… Unstoppable gave me maybe like 6 shields and NO Devastator. Urist 1 crossbow. El dragon 3 relics, 2 storm fronts and 1 stop gap. Its true though that anointed stuff are all over the place (try opening random boxes lol, its actually crazy) but honestly i had way more success with those guys when they were rare spawns. When will they understand generosity is important to prevent burnout ? W h e n ? What’s the point of seeing them all the time if 90 % of the time they drop nothing ? And i mean n o t h i n g … I’m curious about your experience guys, how is it for you ?


I have gotten plenty of Night Hawkins and Monocles from Demoskagans, and a some Cutsman and Saw Bars from Borman Nates (sadly, not anointed). No legendaries from the Billies as yet, but I only ran them 5 or 6 times. As you note, however, non-legendary anointed are everywhere so I am much better set up for fake-grasp buffs. Force Troopers haven’t dropped anything that I really need - their most common drop for me is Thunderball Fist, so now I have an anointed one, if I can manage to get a slam out of my Amara. I think that I am doing better than your 10% success rate so it is probably bad RNG.

thanks for your feedback, maybe some bad luck yeah. Still, i’m not sure getting an anointed version you want is truly increased regarding legendaries. Finally got one devatator after 6 hours, anointed too, but 30 % more damage while airborne… I don’t think thats a good result for an event. What about people with much less free time ?

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I am getting regular drops of carriers, scorpios XLs, and Conference calls from Judge Hightower. Not much in the way of good rolls, except for a couple, but the drops are there. Just the luck of the RNG, although it honestly doesnt seem like the rates of dedicated drops have been increased a great deal

ran Borman Nates 50 times, 0 cutsmans…

go to Graveward once and get a perfect anointed corrosive out of a vault chest…


That’s RNG for you

Honestly, if they haven’t realized it by now they probably won’t. They don’t seem to understand that their game is not an MMO, and think they need to make specific drops crazy hard to find to keep people playing. Ironically, it’s going to have the exact opposite effect.


After about 30 runs I finally got my Annointed It’s Piss. Only saw two during this session but both Annointed and 1 was the one I wanted. I’ve farmed for it 200 times and never seen an Annointed one before tonight. Running the Raid and the majority of the legendaries are Annointed. Seems alright to me. If everything was handed to me I’d have quit this game in the first 2 weeks.


I agree 100%

haven’t tested the raid or bosses yet, i was mainly talking about the rare spawn enemies. Still we’re a long way from being handed certain things. There’s a middle ground for sure. I personally don’t want to keep on giving up on farming this or that, instead of moving from one idea to another.

Are ONLY the enemies classified as rare spawns having supposedly increased drop rates?

Farming different enemies all day and all I got was a single carrier from hightower and the scorpio which sucks and has the wrong characters anoint on it.

Also I did so many runs on the unstoppable, I have a few sitoraks already but figured maybe now I can actually try for the roll I want but he didn’t drop a single piece of loot after like 3 hours?

Exactly my experience, although after 6 hours i got one devastator. Anointed with airborne damage. Gave up.

Yeah. I feel like only certain enemies got increased drops. Or they increased spawn rate and decreased drop rates. Unstoppable dropped more per hour by only appearing like 6 times than this junk.

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It’s weird, cause I was trying Traunt on m4 (practicing my Zane slide flakker skills) and had 2 tankman shields drop with annointments in about an hour. Then I tried psychobillies for awhile and only saw purples. Also, why the hell are they tankier than bosses? Those fights were just stupid. Anyway, it could be rng but this game is really wonky and I don’t doubt that it’s a product of bugged loot pools like with Judge Hightower. He had several drops tied to him and he couldn’t drop anything until today’s hotfix. This game is kind of a wild mess a lot of the time.


True story brofriend.


I’ve noticed World drops are dropping like candy. But once I target farm, my luck is horrible.


Seems like the world drop legendaries drop way more frequent than the legendary in the pool that is not a world drop. I had terrible luck farming Wick and Warty for the Phebert and got 0. I got all the world drop ones (AAA, Black Hole and Quasar) like 8-10 times.

The rates definitely don’t feel right…

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Yep doesn’t seem to make a difference, trying to farm phoenix for a last stand deathless, 3 hours and no deathless of any description.

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im happy that they did it