Farming frenzy: success or bust?

I’m interested in other people’s opinions on the Farming Frenzy.

For me personally it’s a bust.

I will admit the anointment are plentiful, but the legendary drops suck. I’ve been spending multiple hours farming for specific weapons and shields with no results. I even have a rare spawn, El Dragon Jr, who refuses to drop any items.

I will give an example:. Over the past five days I have farmed Killavolt, so many times I’ve lost count, I have only gotten a handful of Transformers, with most being without anointments.

I’m hoping after the frenzy is done drop rates for dedicated will improve. Fingers crossed


I still don’t have what I need for my build, not even close. I am going to play Witcher 3, I never played the 2 large DLCs so now is a good time.


Not really hitting on anything personally. Only had 2 kyb’s drop since the event started and not one redis drop. Tried for a roided rough rider to, no go. I’d say gearbox needs to look at numbers after this and do some serious adjusting before they push any new content. I’ve been through some tough farming in the others but not like this.


Hopefully the numbers will show that they need to up the rates a little bit. But they won’t do anything unless we voice our concerns but still display our enjoyment of the game


Only issue’s i have are dedicated takedown drops. I don’t get how low they are for a boss that is behind a whole gauntlet or raid to get to each farm. Just saw a vid of someone that did a 100 runs and have 49 dedicated drop with less than half of that anoints. For people that can’t sit down for hours we lose out i guess. This brings back the very reasons i quit destiny.


Bust for me came out of hiatus to see what it had to offer sadly not much. Also wanted to try the takedown did it and was completely disappointed in the lack of rewards so I’m going back on hiatus maybe next patch might offer something more substantial or maybe not I’ll keep my ears on the ground.


I begrudgingly vote bust.


this event is awesome and if they keep these drop rates it will go a long way toward solving one of my biggest frustrations with the game. The anointment chance increase alone has just been huge - I’ve probably gotten more good gear the past few days than the whole month before that. This is also the first time farming Wotan has felt worthwhile

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Quest items take significantly less time to get anointed versions of. I think I’m going to play through the story again and try and get a few story items with anointments I want this week.

Aside from that, farming dedicated drops is pointless as it always is. Graveward will drop you more anointed world drops so I did that for a while. Didn’t really get anything.

Trading is about the only way to actually get items you want, and that’s a problem.


Quest items and mail rewards are an underrated aspect of anointment increases. It’s so nice getting anointed purples in the mail. Got my first anointed bekah without too much pain thanks to this event as well


Bust, got a few items after spending 11 hours for 1 grenade, and 16 hours for cutsman, was lucky with 2 anointed trans shields while doing that, bar that rest of the time has been trash. last time i played it was thursday. dedicated loot drop chance is a total joke. after doing 10+ kills of wotan again on thursday, only 2 runs gave dedicated drops all trash and none were anointed. total waste of time.


Kind of a bust but not for the drop rate. I got a few decent things but not everything I wanted but not shocked really . It’s a bust for me because when they do revert to what it was like before I’m dropping this game harder than an Amara Phaseslam . I’m okay with things being difficult to find but I’ll be damned if I go back to HOPING an enemy spawns then HOPING he drops his gun then HOPING to get at least close to the stats I want.


This^^^ with so many variables on peices of endgame loot(annoints, classmod stats, etc) I feel like another approuch is needed.

I personally didn’t notice any increase at all in dedicated drops the entire event.

The increased annointed chance however feels like it is in the right spot to be able find some decent items in basically the only highly rewarding loot spot I’ve found (Slaughter Shaft).

My concerns of not being able to target farm a particular item one is seeking has still not been addressed, so despite the decency of annointed drops, I’ll have to say bust.

*I firmly feel that with the massive increase in variables of loot from previous games in the franchise, basically a push more towards Diablo 3s endgame loot system(which is what we have) is simply going to require further expansion of endgame mechanics to keep up with this concept.

I.E. New endgame progression with such variety requires some way to control the number of variables:

Crazy Earl can change annointments.

Tannis/Ava can alter text on class mods.

Marcus can switch out a gun part.

If loot system is gunna be so similar to something like Diablo 3 it should also just go the full step and include alternative ways to customize endgame loot.


we need guaranteed annoint so farming is actually worth it . And only drop annoint that your character is playing.

I never did get the Ogre that I was looking for and the light bulb went off in my head that all this farming is kinda pointless with the pending level cap increase that will come. So I started leveling up a new Moze a different way than I did before instead. Way more fun than the reloading screen.


For me the drop rates lowered after a few days. Farming was no longer boosted.


I managed to get a Boo with a 125% Incendiary anointment. I’d call it a win.

This. Level cap increase means all of our banks have 300 pieces of trash in them. I’ve been “farming” gear by repeatedly failing at hitting the speed marks in the trials and trying to find the right build and gear for dispatching the Valkyries a little easier (it’s squeaky close for me if I make it through them).


The bright side of it, is that with the level increase our anointed gear should handle well in leveling up before needing to be replaced.


Yup. After reading quite a few of these threads, I realized that I’m a ‘farmer’ of sorts too - except I’m not farming for specific loot, instead it is for new experiences. Trying to focus on exploding your enemies, killing them with elements, or just stabbing everything that moves is actually very satisfying. :slight_smile: