Farming + friends

Hello there!
I’m looking for people who will play with me whilst possible talk on skype, as I don’t have a PS3 mic! Whether it’s starting new characters or just farming invincibles I’m up for it! Just look me up on PSN, it’s “ZeElmo” after that we can talk and such. I’m from Denmark.
Thanks :smiley:

i can play with you if your up for it

I would really love to play with you but I don’t have Skype:( is it ok if we can still play?

sure man that sounds like a lot of fun

I am very much up for it! :smiley:

Of course, the reason why I mention skype is merely for communication purposes. ^^

Awesome, just add me on PSN: ZeElmo ^^

I will hook you up when I wake up

add me : nightwingisboss should be cool . i don’t hav skype though