Farming is quite tedious... maybe this changes today

Let me tell you about my recent farming experience.
I am farming El Dragon Jr. for the Stop Gap with a certain anoint.
And it takes for ever.
Man since two days i just try to get a certain anoint on this shield.
The shield drops like every 10th time.

I was spending at least 4 hours yesterday only farming this dude.
And today the grind goes on.

I really want this piece of gear but the time commitment is just too heavy.
Really hope they will solve this in the future.

Well i had the idea for smart loot option with this i would have at least not gotten any Siren or Zane anoints on it.
Anyway that’s off-topic.

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It won’t be change today, cause drop rates and spreading the dedicated drops was delayed.

Yeah, I got that in mind.
Still farming is quite frustrating in its current state.

Let’s say its quite repetitive!

I’m waiting for a day when dedicated drops will be boosted by Mayhem.


Loot in Mayhem is broken that’s for sure.

I don’t even want mass amounts of legendarys but playing on high mayhem levels should reward you with the highest quality of weapons.

But yea i mean +2500% better loot definitely doesn’t apply in reality.

Also, i wonder how that translates +2500% of world drops also doesn’t apply at all i have the feeling.

Actually i had more loot dropping on M4 when it was a thing.

Technicaly it’s not a better loot, it’s just a chance for higher quality. Lets say you have 0,1% for legendary, with that 2500% boost it gives you 2,6%.

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Tho these are small numbers you would expect big outcome.

Just this is not the case and we are getting joked on i feel.

Ima tell you BL3 day 1 there was legendarys dropping left and right.

Remember when Handsome Jackpot was released. The same thing your mini map was glowing in gold.

DLC2 the same.

And now with DLC 3 I’m sure the reward will be abysmal high.

There is a certain marketing behind it.
And I’m talking from my point of few and telling my experiences.

Just don’t believe the raw number values anymore.
They are tweaking things in order to make it more attractive to play new content while avoiding the real issues.

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Mayhem 0 gives me more legendaries than mayhem 10 by factor of 4 regularly.

I get greens on mayhem 10 more than normal. Every boss drops a green n purples n some legendaries.
Warden drops legendaries but usually world drops and m0s on m10

I still think that something is ■■■■■■ up on higher Mayhem levels, at least in comparison to old M4. Maybe overall chance for world drop was reduced, I don’t know.

This isnt supposed to happen anymore at all I thought but well i can believe it tho since there are problems existing since day 1

if they let us have a reliable way to obtain certain equipment , there will be way less complain especially the game too hard category.

annoint basically determine worth of a gun and thats poor design, since borderlands 2 loot system allow "bad part "(example : damage fr and laser prefix is actually good on umkept harold, people overlooked all of it and always goes with dpuh ) works but clearly borderlands 3 cannot because a annoint outweigh a skill tree and the gun itself .

the poopy game situation can be solve so easily but they wont do it

Me n the Mrs did slaughter star 3000 other day on m0 just to use some different gear and enjoy the game without the modifiers.

Legendary weapons everywhere the map was covered in them to the point it nearly broke the console. We did cistern of slaughter on m5 lastnight and I got 4 legendaries. Not that I pick any of them up but the difference is crazy even from 0-5 never mind higher levels.

Dedicated drops are a joke, I don’t farm it’s pointless

This is a quite interesting bug i came across.
Reloading map with mayhem seems to be glitched in a way that temp datas don’t get cleared.

Have a look for yourself.

What we have here are Lava pools that get more and more with every time i reload the map this goes that far that the whole area gets covered in it.

This isn’t game breaking tho i think takes a lot of resources and I’m sure harms the stability of the game.

I’ve had a similar thing happen with Traunt, if he dies just after freezing the area it tends to stick and becomes a slideshow.

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Solution? A way to re roll annointments, with eridium or whatever. Its been suggested everywhere by now.

I find it fun to farm for a weapon and get different rolls, with diff parts or elements. But not any fun with the different annointments.

Just allow us to expensively re roll an annointment

If farming stopped being tedious it would no longer be farming.

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I just came up with that solution myself after beating bl2 when it was released…

Nah but srsly i have many of those quality improvements just watch my postings.

Wrong, many of us farmed countless hours on other borderlands games. It was not like now. Difference? The randomness of the annointments, turned bl2 farming into a 10x more tiring and time consuming one

Dude im farming this stop gap since 10 hours at least…

I could try to trade with someone tho i dont want that cause there is moded gear floating around everywhere

I highly doubt the tediousness of farming in BL3 is going to be changed with this update. tRollNG will continue to be tRollNG…