Farming king mong is horrible

so ive been farming king mong for a day or two looking for a low level badaboom to just have some fun with on my Sal, no joy, can anybody hook me up with a low level badaboom?

Sorry bro but no badaboom. Thought I’d tell you though I have a few Sals myself and it’ll take you a long ass time to get em just cause of the low play through. Don’t give up! Youll get em eventually. Plus it feels amazing when you finally get it.

Something that is barely known about King Mong is that he actually has two drops. The Badaboom and a Skin. As a result the actual drop rate of the Badaboom is 1:20 and him being a somewhat rare spawn makes it a bit more difficult too.
How do you farm him? Do you start from the entrance to the Arid Nexus and check only the spawn next to it or do you start from the Fast Travel and check both?

Believe me, farming Pimon and Tumbaa is much worse. If I remember correctly King Mong spawns everytime you enter the map (though it is true that he can spawn in two locations). P and T don’t even spawn half the time.

Almost all the time sadly. I’ve had a few bad luck streaks with him appearing in neither location several times in a row. I see P&T quite often (but certainly not all the time either) and they are much quicker to reach than KM.

I hope GBX gets rid of those bosses that only appear whenever they want to. Oh and they should seriously separate the skins and legendaries. I think P and T also have their own set of skins. Looks like it’s going to take a long time before I finally get a decent Deliverance. :frowning:

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If you have the Creature Slaughter Dome and are farming LLMs that way, check to the left of the spawn point; I’ve had P & T enter that hallway and mix it up with the stalkers and hyperion goons several times while doing that.

What level Deliverance are you looking for?

Level 61, I don’t have the second UVHM pack. And I don’t have Xbox Live Gold, so I can’t trade it either.

There is a trick to finding them more quickly however. It seems that their detection range is far greater than that of the other mobs. If you see dots on the radar before you exit the CSR building, there is a pretty good chance that it’s P and T. Still, I must have spent around 6 hours farming those guys, not a single on-level Deliverance.

Words of wisdom. Generally more pools would be welcome for the more extreme bosses such as Terramoprhous and Hyperius.

Although T&P don’t have any skins, probably only the standard Badass Skins which are fortunately world drops.
Quite surprised about your bad luck however. Getting them on level is quite a different issue of course.

Faming King Mong is sometimes super easy and sometimes a pain. I was farming him last night and it took me about an hour to get a badaboom to drop when I average about 15-20 minutes max to get one. I may have just had bad luck and RNG though as I got Vermi to spawn 2nd try and he dropped a head…

Too bad - I think I might still have a level 61 (or close to it). If you ever get a trial code, let me know!

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i went through and killed the warrior real quick and left by that exit there so i start out on the ledge in the blight, just load the game, check that spot there just inside the gate, if he isnt there, save quit and do it again, i was getting him to spawn in that location maybe once every 5 times i did it but as it only takes a minute or so to load the game, check then save/quit, seemed faster to do that then to check both his spawn locations, also, i dont know where his 2nd spawn location even is

I mentioned the second spawn but I’ll explain my method:

Start at the Fast Travel and summon a Bandit Technical (they are actually faster than Runners curiously enough. It’s also able to beat Death Race Tier 3 without the Afterburner Relic. Barely.). Proceed through the gate nearby to check the first location you’re familiar with.
From here go to the entrance to the Arid Nexus. Across the first bridge you can go a bit to the left to look behind the huge rock where King Mong may spawn. It looks like this:

To make sure you may go a bit further:
If you’re fast enough you probably won’t need to get that close. In any case this is when you S&Q. With some experience you can easily identify King Mong between the rocks sooner.
By checking both places you can save valuable time as you will S&Q less often.

I hope you can get it soon.

ah, thanks, ill start doing that run instead of what i was doing

2nd run i did with BlackHearts suggested run, i get my badaboom, prolly just luck of the draw but thank you for letting me know about that run, def. faster with a better chance then what i was doing

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