Farming Krieg Action Skill Kills

Kreig is the character I’m least familiar with, but I’m giving him another go… and my conclusion so far is, is that Bloodsplosion is not very fair…
I’m trying to collect as many heads & skins as possible, so I’m looking for hints as to how to complete …To Pay The Bills quickly (I’m lvl 42 and I have 42 action skill kills so far, suffice to say not a fan of the action skill, & the reason I want to do it now is that I’m getting close to being able to prestige).
So by not being able to use guns or nades during BARampage, do I need to run on nvhm & simply get 1000 ASKs or is there a faster way? Tia.

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The fastest way to do it is to re-spec down the middle tree (Mania), grab Release the Beast, and keep playing the game as normal. With Release the Beast, any time you’re below 33% health (you’ll see the warning sign with the red triangle and exclamation point next to your health), use your action skill. You’ll heal to full health, and you will have absolutely no recharge time on your action skill.

Battle plan: run into a mob of enemies, get knocked below 33% health, use your action skill, kill everybody, action skill automatically resets for use again, rinse, repeat. You’ll hit the 1k very quickly, and you’ll continue making progress in the story.


Awesome, thanks.

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What @farsight37 said! I’ve usually got all my kills by the time Ieave Clappys place :stuck_out_tongue:

(I jest, sadly you cannot kill him 1000 times with your action skill! Hmmmm bonus level Street Fighter 2 style? :D)