Farming kyros power?

Hello everyone.
I found that there is a “legendary” version of the kyros power, dropped in the Knoxx dlc. I want to get it, but in order to farm kyros (which is a no respawnable boss) I should dashboard. I heard that you can just kill kyros and typhon, but if you don’t turn the quest in, they will respawn.
I looked online but wasn’t able to find reliable info on this.
What is the correct way in order to be able to farm them??? I really want to farm the cyclops (I believe this is the hybrid part) kyros power, but I’m holding the quest in order to not mess it up.
And another thing. I’m level 63 in playtrough 2.5 kyros is 67. Is he always 4 levels above??? Will he when I reach 69?? Was kind of hard, but pretty cool.

Kyros’ level is fixed to the quest; he shouldn’t level beyond about 70-71.

Do not kill Typhon. Doing so will complete the mission and end both respawning. If you want to farm Kyros, only kill Kyros.

Both Kyros and Typhoon will respawn as long as you keep killing only one of them, but as soon as the both objectives get completed they will stop respawning. Or at very least that’s the safe assumption to make.

However I don’t think that Kyros Power gets any benefits from Cyclops scope but instead works against it, because it’s special ability of providing healing orbs doesn’t work on long range, thereby making it into a sniper rifle more suited for close to mid range combat.

Bu-buh. But muh Orange Healing Snip0r…