Farming Lance/Omega Assassins

I want to farm Lilith’s Specter COM. Because the Lance assassins don’t respawn, how can I farm them in the Knoxx DLC on Xbox? Any way I can do it after I complete the DLC main story so their drops are a higher level?

You can quit without saving on Xbox, make sure you not running too close to save points though.

Oh I gotcha. Thanks. So I can’t farm all 4 because of auto save but I can farm 1 over and over as long as I do the profile signout to avoid saving, right? Is that mission part of the story mission? Can I complete the DLC first then go back and farm the assassins so they drop level 68 items?

You can farm one at the time obviously, as long as you don’t save after failing attempt, just do not kill them during main story!

Old post but anyway…don’t worry about the assassins too much. Specter coms are a guarantee from circle of duty. You just need to farm a good one.

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I heard they can drop the rose and/or omega shields though? Best recommendation for farming those shields seem to be craw, ya?

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In my experience, yes. Assassins do not drop pearls tho. But craw does also drop specter coms sometimes