Farming legendaries

Hello all I’m currently a level 26 nisha on my first play through on tps (been loving it so far) I decided to take a little break from doing missions to grind some weapons and farm a bit. I wanted to look up some legendarys but it seems there has been a ton of patches to this game so all the information you see online isn’t really current and I don’t want to find to many spoilers either lol I want some surprise with the game lol. Would anyone be able to tell me where I could (if I even can) farm the storm front Grenade mod and the pre sequels version of the Harold pistol from bl2? Any other suggestions of good loot to farm for nisha would be greatly appreciated :smile:

I don’t think either of those items have set drop locations

what I would do is farm flame knuckle in the holodome and felicity in order to get legendary weapons and grenades to grind into storm fronts/88 fragnums

before you get too excited though, the fragnum pales in comparison to the harold

Check out Nisha’s Top Gear for other ideas:

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Purple DP Slappers are the closest you’ll get to Harolds. Use them on frozen enemies and you’ll be fairly happy.

Flameyes said it properly, keep farming the first boss Flameknuckle, and also Felicity for the Quasar, and then just grind the hell outta them ha

Ok thanks for the tips guys!