Farming Locations/Bosses

Just looking for a bit of inspiration or something new that maybe I haven’t tried in the realm of farming. I’m not after anything specific per se.

But I was wondering what everyone’s farming spot preference is for either:

A) quickest farm for a specific piece of gear
B) quickest farm with largest loot pool of legendaries/pearls

I like The Dust for the possible 4 chances at a legendary plus tubbies. There’s a pretty quick farming method for the Chain Lightning that I quite like running, and I also like running Thousand Cuts for midgets. I realise these are all quite obvious, but there we are anyway :slight_smile:


Caustic caverns isnt too bad.
You’ve got the Tortoise , Blockhead/longbow(:rolling_eyes:) , chance to get quasar from uba varkids (and maybe Vermi).
Theres also a couple of good chests.

Who drops this? Blue? I’ve never used it so just curious.

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In theory , although I’ve never actually had one drop!

I always wondered if he had a drop!

What I’ve noticed from farming is that luck is streaky, sometimes one specific part/brand/weapon type spawns more frequently and that a trend can sometimes persist for long time.

I use that observation as base for farming things. For example, when I farm any legendary(10% chance to drop), then I usually make 7 runs and if I don’t find it within the 7 runs then I just assume that it’s more likely that the thing just isn’t on roll at moment and hence not worth it extending to more runs. If I do find one then I reset and make another 7 runs and so forth. Sometimes I do extend, when I notice parts trending that I want on the legendary. But in general I’m just avoiding extending farming sessions for things when i see no clues indicating some luck on my side.

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If you want a level 72 Fabled Tortoise and are on XB1, I believe I still have one.

Appreciate it but its my son who wants it , and he wont use anything he doesn’t see drop with his own eyes.
Thanks though :relaxed:


I can respect that :slight_smile:


Ive noticed that to a degree.
When I first started playing on the xbone I was getting alot of legendary drops , and even had a pearl from skagg poop!
Now I’m on a bit of a dry run , although I did get my first OP8 pearl yesterday.
The Scarlett treasure room is always good for no fuss chest farming.

[quote=“Ninja_Mrrr, post:1, topic:1562796”]A) quickest farm for a specific piece of gear[/quote]Good Touch: I park my characters in Sanctuary between missions, so she’s always around the corner. Not that I farm, but when I’m leveling up a new character (man, it’s been years), I hit the tip jar a lot.

If you just want to see some orange, go to Torgue’s DLC, and hit the vending machines. If you want random orange drops, the Halloween DLC has been nice to me. There’s almost always a tubby Spiderant in there, and summoning Clark (who hasn’t been stingy with his drop) is a hoot. For Pearlescents, if you absolutely want to see one, run Digistruct Peak at OP8: guaranteed drop from the boss. Failing that, Sawtooth Cauldron is crawling with Loot Midgets (and an occasional tubby); that’s where I see them the most.

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Not quite true. You’re just as likely to get 30 runs without one here as anywhere else.

Sawtooth Cauldron is my go-to if I’m in the mood to farm a broad spectrum of shiny goodies without having a specific item to attain. If I’m not doing that and instead am tubby hunting, I have a route throughout the maps I run. When tubby hunting I disregard Varkids because that game of chance can get far too dicey when solo. (I like to fly by the seat of my pants when teasing varkids) And the Natural Selection Annex requires a UVHM reset, so no-go on that until I decide to reset.

The loot train hates me. As do Pete, Hyperious, and the Dragon quad squad. On the other foot, I hate Master Gee.

Yes. I can personally confirm that. Had it drop first kill in NVHM, and TVHM on the Maya I’m working on right now.

Blue dropped it on my fresh-play Axton’s tour through the Caverns in NVHM. And I actually used it, the first time I ever have… sure it made Axton… slow… A… F… but while I wore it no enemy could break that shield. I outleveled it before I could experience in a real gameplay situation what the speed boost was like when it broke.

WEP with the mission “Doctor’s Orders” active and no mission items have been picked up/grabbed.
for BoA relic farming and the desired side effect of possible legendary and Pearl weapons/gear. :wink:

Hyperius for the largest legendary weapon pool. with the desired side effect of a Norfleet. :grin:

I developed a tubby- farming routine awhile back…the Dust, Frostburn Canyon, both Arid Nexus maps (and if I’m running Maya, I’ll try to one-shot Saturn just for giggles. Twice, so far), the WEP, and Hallowed Hollow. Even on nights where RNG has obviously left the building, I’ll see two or three…usually.