Farming Meg for torrent smg

Ive been farming meg for the torrent smg in ultimate for two days now and no drop…Am I doing something wrong?

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No, RNG hates you is all. lol, I’m teasing…

Just keep at it. you’ll get it. I farm Meg every now and again just to see the orange glow drop. :slight_smile: If you are farming Meg. I suggest starting at Jacks office. Then go to Hyperion Hub of Heroism and just save/quit after killing Meg. you’ll start at the front of Jack’s office upon reloading. quick/easy farm. Enjoy! :smiley:

Edit: When I mention to “go to” Hyperion Hub of Heroism from Jack’s office. I am suggesting to use the door, not the fast travel. Just want to be clear for anyone who comes across this.


Thanks bud!

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You’re welcome. :innocent:

Yea, meg can really be stingy sometimes, keep at it.


imageSeems like i had to get passed veins of helios for her to start dropping it. It was weird now back to fairly regular drop.

Thanks for the help guys!