Farming on doctors orders

Lvl 58 sal trying to farm the wildlife exploration preserve. Looking for 3 other vault hunters to help improve drop rate for legendary. Msg me for invite cheenis_whizz

4 vault hunters are always the most fun!

But incase you can’t find 3 people to farm with you you cal also trick the game into thinking you have 4 players on.
You do this by either;
Going outside the gate at Hyperions arena in washburne refinery.
Or going outside the gate by Master Gee in Hayters Folly.

As soon as you go close to thoose arenas the game scales you up to 4 player mode.

Im not sure if 4 players have much better loot drops than single player- i always go by the loading screen text:

“More players mean more enemies meaning better loot”

Which allude to quantity but not quality.

Just my personal thoughts on this though- if you cant find anyone for 4 player LLM runs then maybe try Master Gee (Hayters Folly) or Hyperius (Washburne Refinery) Gate trick to scale your game to 4P :slight_smile: