Farming on Mayhem 2

So, farming Wotan for an hour and getting…

Redistributors and Kybs

They have decent stats.

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Now I’ll try M3.

Kyb’s and Redistributer are locked behing M4+. They won’t drop below Mayhem level 4.

Edit: Don’t listen to me apparently :sweat_smile:

That’s not true, only the coms like driver rakk pakk etc and maybe zheitevs eruption emp5 etc are locked behind m4.not sure about the weapons but redistributor isn’t

Incorrect. I farmed them at M2. This spreadsheet…

which seems to be correct can be helpful. Once looking at it, click on mayhem/events at the top.

Hmmm, I guess i was just under that impression. Never farmed at anything under M4, or pre-MTD. I knew they made some of the gear M4 exclusive, just assumed Kyb’s and Redi were among this group

I tought exactly that too, until a friend of mine showed me I’m wrong :sweat_smile:

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I will leave incorrect post as an example of ignorance lmao



The thing is, the numbers on the guns I farmed are quite decent too.

The M10 Redistributers I have got were 1500-1700 damage(parts make a big difference on the Redi).

Outside of the healing pool effect of the Kyb’s the Kaoson is vastly more potent than the Kyb’s worth though. But the Kaoson is M6+ locked, that one I’m positive about haha

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I’ll check my redistributors…ah ha! my best one only does 957, farmed at M3.