Farming Questions for The PRE Sequel!

do you know if despair, self loathing, and the shadow trap variants are farmable? thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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Self-Loathing and Despair do respawn, you probably have to the beat the DLC first. Shadowtrap, Self-Esteem and Hope may be encountered in Wave 3 of the Mutator Arena.

Do you know if Eclipse and EOS are farmable?

They certainly are. Really all bosses but Zarpedon are farmable now

Small correction, Boomer doesn’t actually respawn as of now.

Oh, right, that guy. Forgot about that situation.

too bad that shooting star shield is only farmable through a mission…i kinda want it. lol

Like I said, every boss is farmable now (except the aforementioned two). The Powersuit Noob who drops it appears in his mission location after the mission (although apparently in later playthroughs even if you don’t have done that mission in that playthrough somehow) as often as you need for the Shooting Star or the Skins.
That “no respawning bosses” problem has been patched some months ago fortunately.

i thought you can only get the shooting star from the second power suit noob?

A second powersuit noob? As I recall there’s only one boss like that and he respawns allowing you to have infinite shots at the Shooting Star. I didn’t get it yet but I got one of his skins.

yea in the mission Red then dead (supposedly the mission you can only get it in) theres a second suit that you have to kill and thats the one that drops it.

I believe you misunderstand. In that mission are three targets: A soldier, the Powersuit Noob who drops the Shooting Star and Skins and another soldier. The Powersuit Noob guy does indeed respawn as I am currently farming him

from all the youtube vids ive watched on how to farm for the shield they all said the second one drops it. ill do more research tho. i hope im wrong…haha

Just so we don’t misunderstand each other:

This is the only Powersuit Noob from said mission who drops the Shooting Star.image

The only other named Powersuit users are Flameknuckle from the prologue who drops the Nukem and Zarpedon with several drops which she now shares with the Sentinel as she really is unfarmable.

oh no youre right. seems they patched that too. cause all the youtube vids say you can only get it from the mission but i guess those vids were made months ago. also i kind of just got the drop but it was only lvl 21. im currently lvl 38.

Oh yes, that patch is still rather recent so most videos are simply outdated and never bothered to address that change.
Bosses drop their gear around their level. You are farming him in Normal Mode so it won’t get higher than that. To get a higher leveled one you need to farm him in TVHM which will level him and everyone else to around 50 upon completion (otherwise it will still be a lower level) or UVHM which is always around your level.
Or getting lucky in a Med Vendor.

How do I farm eclipse and eos