Farming qustions

what would be the best way to farm quaser and do the guys that have the extra rate for storm front respawn after the it gets turned on and i was doing loot migedit runes is it me or is thear drop rates low.

how do you farm tubbys

Quasar drops from any loot source, yet has a higher chance from Ultimate Badass Varkids. Same as Storm Front (but this one from the rats on Bloodshot)

You farm tubbies going to certain places like Arid Badlands, Frostburn Canyon, WEP, etc.

Storm Front drops from the Ninja Turtle reference characters in Bloodshot Stronghold. Mick, Lee, and the others. They respawn after a save/quit. For tubbies, I recommend the Arid Badlands, there are plenty of skags in that map and many potential tubby spawns. As for Ultimate Baddass Varkids, I recently created a thread asking about where to farm them, because they’re very difficult to find. Best of luck in your farming endeavors! And yes, Loot Midgets can be very stingy. Have fun!

Unhallowed Hollow and The Dust are great spots for Tubbies.

Also, 4 player trick can be very useful for farming them.
You need to have beaten the Captain Scarlett DLC to access the missions though.
The missions are Hyperius The Invincible and Master Gee The Invincible.
You need to pick up the quest and then all you need to do is go through Washburne Refinery until you start to pick up all ammo from the ammo pickups, usually by the stairs where one pirate chest is.
When you pick up several stacks of ammo, that’s when you know 4 player mode is activated.

I usually do Hayter’s Folly instead, there you’ll have to have beaten Hyperius The Invincible at least once to do that method.
At that spot you just run towards Master Gee’s gate and run to the top right corner of the gate until you see the location pop up.

Fix’d. Thanks.

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And I will always recommend Creature Slaughter Round 1 for Tubbies (by dying in the final round). Found three Tubbies in a single round there once without the 4-Player mode.
Unfortunately it is behind a paywall and it’s rather expensive on it’s own.

I’ve gotten multiple Quadars out of the Loot Train (mercenary day DLC). IIRC, there are 4 or 6 grenades every time you pop the chests, so there are a lot of checks for legendaries.

One of the rounds in Creature slaughter has a guaranteed Ultimate Badass Varkid in it. UBA varkids are a pain to spawn if you’re solo, so this is probably the easiest (or least hard) method. They have a higher chance to drop Quasars. Loot Midgets can also drop it, but they can drop any legendary, so it’s less likely to get a good Quasar from them.

Tubby’s appear in UVHM only, and can spawn wherever you have skags, spiderants, rakk or stalkers. In TTAoDK you also have Tubby Bones.

Do the Scarlett DLC until you are given the Hyperius mission, after you complete the main storyline, I think. Traveling to just outside of Hyperius’ gate will set the game difficulty to 4 player, upping enemies numbers, their health, and their drops. Anywhere you travel without save/quitting will be operating on the 4 player setting. If you farm Tundra Express Farmhouse or Caustic Caverns in this state, you will easily see Ultimate Badass Varkids, which will eventually drop your Quasar. A nice side benefit of farming varkids is that tubbies inevitably show up. I seem to get a lot at the Tundra Express Farmhouse, and fewer in Caustic Caverns. Vermi is pretty easy to spawn, using this approach. If you insert other runs between the varkid locations, you can pick up loot and money, selling the loot at machines along the way, and actually make money doing this, so you never run out of ammo. It easily pays for itself. Just make sure you have space in your backpack to pick up loot either to keep, or sell.

An easy tubby run is to get in the car at Ellies, and drive by and check all the spiderant spawns in the Dust. When you get your tubby, kill it with the car and pick up your loot. You can also combine this with farming Mobley/Gettle for the Lyuda, and if you sided with the Zaffords, farming Jimbo/Tector for the Slagga, which is so nice to have. There are tons of spiderants along the foot trail behind Ellies, as well, so tubbies will show up there.

Let me know if you need help, as I have these runs wired. I am dontu_worry on Steam.

i cant find you on steam add me shadowmod my pic is the huntress form dungeon defenders one

since google is helping how to u fight this boss i cant do anything to him casue i look at him to shoot cant dodge and all of his moves 1 shot me or 2 if my sheild is up note sheild and hp pool are about the same

What boss, and…english?

The Boss, in question, is likely Hyperius.

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sry forgot to put boss casue mad no the boss for the train he keeps 2 hiting me it making really mad

Don’t get mad. Give yourself time and learn as you go. This game is unlike any shooter I’ve played. It’s depth and complexity means that you will need to learn a lot to succeed, and that it is good for more than just one playthrough.

Wilhelm? Take him down as much as possible until the surveyors and other loaders show up. Hide in the canyon and concentrate on the loaders and surveyors, then when it’s just Willy and the surveyors, get out in the open, doing large circles around the glacier, using cover as much as possible and keeping your distance when prudent. Take the surveyors down and damage Willy as much as possible when they’re out of commission. I’ve had great success spamming him with nades when he’s standing still, which is a lot, then unloading with whatever weapon seems to work on him. I only had trouble with him the first time, which is what it sounds like is happening to you.

What level are you at? What DLC’s do you have? I highly recommend the Tiny Tina, Scarlett and Torgue DLCs, as they provide easier ways to get some of the best weapons in the game, which you will really like having later on. Some of the weapons from the DLC are unavailable otherwise (Pimpernel, Sandhawk, Ogre, etc)

have most dlc other then the other 3 headhunter packs am lv 72 at ult hunter mode i have problems with the snowman casue it dont seem like his burrow move is dodge able i am scrien

You cannot really dodge his burrow move. However, I recommend ringing the Bells and immediately running back toward the lift and to the right side of it. Don’t wait for him to emerge. The rumbling should stop (and he should not yet have appeared). If you turn around to face the Bells and move forward a bit, the rumbling should start again (that indicates he is ready to appear). Next you should hide by the left side (the right side if you are facing the lift) of the Lift. If you position yourself just right, most of his attacks will not be able to hit you. In fact, he won’t even do his burrow attack. The only attack you really have to be concerned with is his “Spinning Cane” attack where he twirls it over his head. He typically does that as a last resort when he is almost dead. When my Maya is hit with that attack, she has about 5000 - 10,000 health left. Playing Maya at OP8, it takes me approximately 20 - 30 seconds tops to kill the Snowman using a Bee Shield, Legendary Cat COM, Bone of the Ancients (Fire), a Flying Sand Hawk (Fire) and my Siren Build.

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ok will try that need to get a fire bone sand hawk and cat mod but eh i cant find them tubbys

LLMs are your best bet for a Bone of the Ancients relic. I recommend farming WEP for LLMs if you have Doctor’s Order active (and have ideally not picked up any Doctor’s Notes). Frostburn Canyon and the Dust in front of and behind Ellie’s garage are just two of the pretty good spots to farm for Tubbys. And as you are probably aware, the Sand Hawk is a mission reward in the Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty DLC. Good luck!

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Actually, you can. I run to the left and jump whenever he does that move. I do get hit sometimes though.