Farming shield question

Hello! I want to ask, i and my friends playing in co-op and we have the farm shields, which make items drop… I have a question, is it possible to farm items without a farm shield equip? (for example to make consumable Farm Heal-vials or Medkits that allows you to start farming items) it is possible to realise? It would be really cool to use them to activate item drop without using a shield or grenades for farming… it might be useful to the activation of several sets of farming without replacing the shield.

It is possible, but you would still need a shield o grenade mod to spawn pickup items what would activate skill what allows farming. It could work like that: you equip shield/grenade mod, get farm items, use them, unequip shield and enjoy farming items for one game sesssion. Thats how I see it.

@SleepMaster, This is correct, but you could also make consumable inventory items (like med kits) that activate a skill when used.

Alternatively, you could just make the shield (or grenade mod or COM or weapon) not deactivate the skill when you unequip it.

(Semi-related note for anyone that tries this: whenever there’s a chance that the same skill could be activated multiple times, i like to put a DeactivateSkill behavior immediately before the ActivateSkill, to prevent the skill from stacking).

I was working on a consumable replacement for my GJ shield up until my laptop had to be repaired. But yeah consumables ftw.

As for the sidenote, I do that to. Great thing the UE runs behaviours logically (step-wise).

That’s a good idea. I haven’t looked at them in a while, but can consumables be made to have 0 cost (i.e. the item is not used up)? That would be nice.

I was wondering the same thing. I wanted to make unique Dr Zed health kit what can be used indefinetly, but it always was consumed.

I’ll let you guys know how it pans out when I get my laptop back. XD I had the solution…


I was thinking if you can’t keep it from being consumed, you might be able to set an “on use” behavior that adds an item to the backpack (the item being itself of course), or just spawns the item at your location (and pick-up OnTouch; I think this solution would be annoying for people with overfilled backpacks).

Otherwise you’d have to increase the item’s quantity in your backpack which is kind of a pain to deal with.

Or just maybe add a quantity to this med kit with WillowTree to 999999 ? it’s worked for me, i tried to add quantity to med kits with WT and it works.

Yeah you could. I just don’t like that because it makes them hard to get rid of without WT, and they’re still technically finite.

But it’s still the easiest solution.