Farming sucks! -_-

Being FORCED to shoot through bandits just to buy a pizza - over & over because the pizza’s ingredients are put on randomly so you HAVE to keep going through traumatising sh*t\risking your life until you hopefully get the combination of ingredients you desire - IS IN NO WAY FUN!!! Being Put Through Ordeals Filled With Disappointment(Farming IN VAIN For HOURS) - For Content You Have PAYED FOR - IS IN NO WAY, FUN!!! Playing WITH Cool Weapons Etc Whilst Witnessing Funny Stories…IS FUN!!! -_- #GRRR

Re(up to where he says grinding is fun in this video):


Which mission you are talking about? If it is Hammerlocked, then it has no randomness, ingredients are all in the same place…


Hes being metaphorical about all the different variations each item can drop with and how low the drop rates for them suck, i think lol. But thats what i get from this and agree with.


Especially when a single topping pizza has >40 random toppings that you have no control over. Sorry but I dont want a pineapple pizza, I wanted pepperoni!


Maybe a pure shooter would fit you more than a looter shooter?

Me? I’ll do anything for Tina :boom: And for pizza :pizza:


I always end up with Ham and Pineapple, occasionally with a sliver of pepperoni :pizza: :pizza:



Just play at Mayhem 4 or lower and any build will work. :man_shrugging:t5:

No need to farm, you get to use any weapon you find.

70 on coms and artifacts…

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Farming is awesome. You plant some guns in the ground. Water them occasionally and they grow into trees full of guns to harvest and repeat. It’s like the laziest way to get items ever… >.>

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Farming does suck in BL3. But what sucks more is when you finally get the slice you want and GB takes it away via nerf.

Happens too often so I pretty much quit playing BL3.


Game is new and as such is still being balanced and patched actively.

Honestly it sounds like your issue is that you see something on a youtube video exclaimed as horrendously OP so you decide you want it too then proclaim it as unusable after any type of nerf is done to it.

Solution is either to either raise expectations that anything you see proclaimed as brokenly OP will get nerfed eventually, or take a break from the game for a year or 2 and come back when new content isnt being added that results in consistent patching and balancing.

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Should we really be calling a year old game “new” at this point? It’s like stores that keep grand opening signs when they’ve been open a while.

Considering that Borderlands 2 got content updates for maybe 2 or 3 years, this game is almost halfway through it’s content lifespan. Even putting that aside, a year is way longer than the shelf life of most games, and it’s pretty reasonable to not feel like you need to concerned about major balance changes this far along. I’m not upset by the things like the projectile fix, but that happening nearly a year into the game’s life, and still having pretty major bugs waiting to be fixed for characters, makes the whole “new game” thing sting. New games normally settle these things relatively quickly.


i’ll take it. :wink:

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Farming is nearly always an exercise in tedium. Hence why it’s not named after more exciting activities like Watching Paint Dry or Olympic Crocheting.


This is a tough one for gearbox. Getting god roll items quickly defeats the purpose for a lot of players. A large part of the game beyond the main storyline is to strive to get your character set up with the best gear. That should not be easy. I hate farming too, especially the load times as you are spending more time loading then playing. That being said, if you got your item with perfect annointment or rolls quickly, it would be less of a thrill when you did. Plus it would not take long before you sit there thinking, what do I do now? Some players would stop as they’ve perfected their characters and have nothing else to aim for. It’s one of those each to their own type of things and also depends on how long people can be on the game for.
I cannot put the time in to farm all the gear I want so personally it would be nice to get it quicker and easier. However that would only suit my situation and I don’t think that’s how it should be. God roll items are supposed to be rare and hard to get.


Like you said: to each their own.
To me there’s so much I want to test that require specific rolls it would take too long to gather. And that’s just for one class.
Since I don’t have the time to farm for my theorycrafted builds, I give up.
So, this approach of Gbx is - for me - actually shortening my Playtime. I they gave me the stuff i wanted, I could Not Stop as I have ideas for weeks …

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A year is not new. Don’t makes excuses for them. They have already lost most of their player base for good. This is not a MMO designed to go on indefinitely either.


Must not suit most players considering the game’s retention rate. Most players don’t want their gear and time invalidated every 3 months.


True. If I would want that I’d play an online game, mmo or something with seasons. This is a coop looter shooter which does not know where it belongs nor where it’s headed to. On the one side, it’s copying stuff from said games and on the other side it’s still rooted in the offline experience. So the community is getting the worst from both worlds w/o the plus sides.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still powering through as it’s the only game that kinda checks my boxes but Gbx should finally get it right. They already did a lot but it’s core isn’t as clear anymore, I think.

To be clear, I don’t think BL2 was the right direction either. To me BL2 was the worst of the entire series. Though I know that I am quite lonely with that opinion. BL1 and TPS were much better in almost every regard.
Just get rid of all the ridiculous RNG on COMs, Artifacts, Anoints! At least for me, that’s cutting my play time massively as I don’t have the time to grind for the endless opportunities of rolls. And therefore, I feel discouraged to truly dive into the game.

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