Farming the BNK3R

is it worth farming BNk3R? if yes then im nearly there on tvhm and if its worth it im gonna farm him a bit

Maybe. Normally, I’d say no, but given the current experiment with drop rates GBX is conducting you might actually be in with a chance. That said, I was trying during the first week on UVHM and got nothing from him. Did get a nice grenade mod and some other stuff from the Hyperion chest in the store room off the ring underneath the platform though, so make sure you check that.

ok ty, i might kill him a few times and if he don’t drop anything good ill give up on him

BUN3R is dead didn’t get anything that was of much use unless one of the other people picked up the good stuff anyone wanna have a few goes at farming him with me?

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Personally, I like to do a little farming along the way to UVHM. It helps future toons to have a stockpile of legendaries at different levels.

I’m def going to be farming a bit in BL2 with the drop rate changes and I’ll probably hit Bunk some on normal mode. My current zerker is only at about lvl 28, but I can save whatever I find and pass it on to future characters.

Plus, farming is fun.

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i do have some random legendarys at lower levels but not much at level 50 where i currently am, which is why i want to farm the bunker if he don’t give me a legend hopefuly it will at least give something good. most of the purple items i find are junk . half what im using now is blue or green

ok here i go at attempting to farm the bunker solo anyone wants to join me plz send a friend request

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I notice you say “current zerker” - how many characters have you run overall in BL2?

Farming the bunker is almost useless, however once you take him down don’t finish the quest, save and quit.
Then work the chest on the control platform along with the 2 ammo boxes located right next to the chest (thats all you’ll have time for) there is 4 more boxes before you go back into the bunker. Loot migets are whats in them. Then go to the bottom level in the bunker for that chest. Save and quit and do it again.

yeah bunker is crap guess ill wait and farm something else

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If nothing else it’ll be worth it for the XP from loaders and BNK-3R to do it a few times. I seriously doubt you’ll get any legendaries for your trouble, though - his loot pool is too bloated and he usually only drops crap.

On last gen, I played on 360, so I couldn’t cross-save any of my toons (I should note though that I did have a level 30- something commando that I did transfer over). So when I say “my current” I’m just referring to the one I started fresh – which has been an awesome experience and made me fall in love with the game all over again.

To answer your question, on 360 my first toon was a commando. From there I started a few others that I would use for coop w/ certain parties. When I finally gave Sal a shot (pun not intended… Shocking I know), I was hooked. I got my Sal all the up to OP8, the commando is still either at 61 or 72 – not sure. So I essentially had one of each character, but played some more than others.

Might just be my bad luck, but absolutely not. I’ve got 1800+ hours in BL2, I’ve fought the Bunker at least 200 times across every difficulty. I’ve seen him drop 2 legendary skins (total, not even duplicates of the same type) and 1 Sham. The Sham was during the increased drop rate event. Only Bitch guns I’ve seen have been from loot midgets.

For what it’s worth, I’ve farmed him over the years and gotten the Sham a few times and a grenade mod and a Pearl once each. Then last night on a whim I decided to do a few runs on Normal to see if I could get one of this heads to drop. The first run netted me a 93% Sham; second run was another Sham (85%); third run the Axton head (Space Knight) drops. Another dozen runs and nothing else dropped at all. You just never know what’s going to happen. I’m building a shrine for RNGesus today. :smile:

I farmed it about 20 times and i got a few good purples and I got a Invader so it’s good to farm if you’re bored or need better guns and no other bosses

I’ve farmed it about 80 times trying to get the Maya head. I’ve gotten 6 Bitches, 3 Shams and no heads. It’s worth farming if you’re going for the gun or shield, but the skin just never drops.