Farming the bunker

What’s the easiest way to kill the bunker on op8? Best weapons to use?

For any specific character?

Right now we are using a siren and psycho

Beehawk or Twisted Pimp using corrosive Sand Hawk or Pimpernel respectively for Maya- Krieg can go DPUH, depending on the build…

Well, thread would get more responses in the main section but I find Bunker one of the easiest Bosses & usually use a corrosive Pimpernel (especially w Zero & Bore). If you’re on PS3 and want a demo, let us know!

If the above-mentioned guns are not available, I’ve used corrosive Lynda, CC. Hell, I’ve even done it with a Fibber. Any unlisted pellet gun is great. Phaselock a loader so you can proc Chain Reaction.

Get the corossive fastball with krieg,and skill till u got bloodsplosion u just need to collect a few stacks and then u throw the fastball on his turret,the explosion will do the rest

a psycho with a bloodsplosion build, full bloodlust stacks, kill skills on, and a corrosive fastball can hit one of the bunkers turrets and almost one hit him.

Thanks for all the answers guys! Will be trying some of this out and see how it goes!