Farming The Dust! Where else?

I’ve been farming the dust for the Slagga, Veruc and Lyuda for the last couple days and I’ve gotten several of each. I have 3 Slaggas now (Cutting, Murderers and Bullets Go Fasterified), something ridiculous like 7 Verucs (including a Slag version!) and 5 Lyudas but still not the one I want. I want a slag Lyuda! I have 2 shock, 2 plain bullets and I just got a corrosive last night. I was really excited about the corrosive Lyuda. I also found 2 legendary class mods by running into tubby spiderants. I got a level 72 Psycho +47% melee with a bunch of +5s. I never play the psycho so if someone wants that mod, let me know. My PSN ID is kde676. I’m maxed out on money so I’m not going to sell it. It will be in my bank. I also found a Hammer Buster but I don’t care for it. I don’t like non elemental guns or Jakobs weapons in general.

Anyway, where else can I farm to get this kind of variety for legendary items?

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I think the Dust does have the most variety just in terms of the most bosses. At higher OP levels, Digistruct has a lot too, but it’s much harder of course.

Other sources…Loot midgets in Thousand Cuts, Sawtooth, or the WEP plus you can get tubbies in the WEP, Snowman chest…if you’re just looking for general good stuff, I think the Dust or those is the best…The Scarlett DLC has a lot of excellent gear available through the quest line and some of the side quests

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I don’t know what it is about Hallowed Hollow, but I almost never come out of there without some piece of orange gear (got a Wanderlust, Legendary Mechromancer, and some other COM (Titan or Psycho) the last time I ran through there). Clark is also not stingy with the Pyrophobia, but unless you’re farming for that, his, eh, “incantation” can take a while. Much of this comes from a Tubby Spiderant I see around the Infested Forge, but the chests have been nice too.

If nothing else, it’s a nice change of pace - one of the enemies unique to that place are these Energized Skeletons that make the Skeleton Mages seem like easy mode.

So, I continue to farm the dust for the slag lyuda I wanted and today I found a Maggie in one of the boxes on the side of the church. Odd. I haven’t tried it yet because I generally don’t like Jakobs weapons.

I prefer full Maliwan slag snider, together with BAR boosts almost guaranteed chance(79%+) to slag per shot. Not that hard to find since a white one can be randomly found from any weapons wendor and suffices for the job.

Yeah, I’ve had Maliwan rifles that slag on virtually every shot but I prefer Vladof rifles because of their rate of fire.

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Did you forget or just not care that you can also farm the Hammerbuster and Nukem there?

I don’t think I knew about the Hammerbuster… who drops that?


Ah… I was thinking of just that one run behind Ellie’s garage. I suppose if you have the mission completed, you could also farm for a Landscaper or Slagga too?

You mean Maggie or Slagga?

the fridge is also a decent place to farm for some items, you got the gunerang and the gub and now that i think about it its not that great of a place :smiley:

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Dust and Frostburn have the most


  • Maggie
  • Slagga
  • Veruc
  • Lyuda
  • Nuken
  • Hammerbuster
  • Gwens Head
  • Tubbies Loot Pool
  • LLM’s but rare in the dust


  • Neo
  • Pryophobia
  • Hellfire
  • Lascaux
  • Tubbies Loot Pool
  • LLM’s fairly common

Both also have a fair amount of chests to farm

I forgot about the Gwen’s Head! Doesn’t Hector drop the Landscaper (or is that just a mission reward for that option of that particular mission)?

His mission reward and he’s the one who drops the Slagga.

I have a Hammer Buster. It’s in my bank. Don’t care for it. I tried to find the Black Queen so I could get the Nukem but she never spawns. I actually always choose the Zaffords but I found a Trick Shot Maggie in a box on the side of the church while farming my Lyuda. I thought about farming the fridge but none of those guns appeal to me.

I FINALLY got my slag Lyuda last night! I was so excited. I also got a fire Veruc. I was pretty excited.

I’ve had good luck with Loot Midgets in Thousand Cuts. I got a pair of relics and a fastball grenade in my last trip through there. I also got a shock Bitch from the Bunker.