Farming the Fabricator

Finally got around to going after an M10 Ion Cannon. Farming the Fabricator feels…good. I have gotten, after about a dozen runs, a usefully anointed ion cannon, albeit not in the right element, and a bunch of basically useless Ion Cannon. I don’t know that a 109% drop rate on dedicateds is the right answer but I can tell you between this and farming Traunt/Killavolt/Katagawa Fabricator feels a lot better l

even 25% rate on dedicated would feel incredibly smooth compared to now

It would be and tHe drop rates need to account for how fast you can run things. The drops for Wotan, ultraviolet, Heck and so forth require like 15-30 minutes of play as opposed to 1.5 minutes for Traunt. I cannot farm Wotan dozens of times in an hour to get one gun.