Farming The Pearl

I am finishing up the 2nd DLC on my new Zane…

Is there a legal/decent way to farm a Pearl?

The only “legit” way is to replay the whole dlc.


Can you start it over on the same character??

Well I’ll be…

Fire Rate and Mag size…just what I wanted.

Damn…gonna go buy a lottery Ticket…THAT never happens!


My first Pearl was mag and reload :money_mouth_face: I didn’t even knew there was such an item in game.

Only on TVHM, so overall not a good farming method, like every mission reward farming.

You have to reset the whole TVHM progress. Though you can just skim over the first part of the game (weird they still make you play this part)
Get to sanctuary and just start the DLC :wink:

You could try trading (not sure if people still do this)

But long story short… GBX made a couple of boo-boo’s :wink: (farming crew challenges is even worse seeing they are ones per character)

How about starting dlc from main menu at TVHM, will that work for skipping early Pandora? I only did TVHM once.

If you reset TVHM you have to replay the entire story up to Pandora, IIRC. I’ve done it a few times, but it’s been a while since I did.

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Can’t you save/quit farm like in BL2? I haven’t tried in BL3 yet but I imagine it’s still possible.

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I was wondering the same. But when you get the artifact it doesn’t give you the opportunity to check it’s stats before you accept it from what I could tell. And once you accept it ….that seems to be the save point.

I think you’re right about accepting the reward triggering a save. The only way around it on PC would be read-only farming; no legitimate way to do that on console though.

You cannot dashboard farm mission rewards in BL3 like you could in BL2. Unfortunately. At least no way I have been able to figure out. There may be a way and I just don’t know it though.

Ha…read only on PC would work methinks.

Set .sav to read only….go into lodge….accept reward from claptrap…if its not what you want….quit….try again.

When you finally get what you want…

Travel to Sanctuary and put it in the Bank…quit and reset .sav to normal.

Legit…but a hassle…Some of the really hardcore guys might call this “unsporting” but I honestly don’t have a problem with it.

If we have enough of these items already PC guys should offer this up to console guys because you CAN send stuff across platform…at least some platforms because I sent a guy something the other day. Not sure if he was on Xbox or PlayStation. You just both do it through SHIFT.

And yes I realize there is software to do this stuff….But I personally feel that IS rather “unsporting”….

I have zero problems someone else doing it. Their game, their rules. I wouldn’t want to co-op with someone using a bunch of “manufactured” gear but that’s just me.

You can do backups of your save on consoles and restore it if not happy with the stats, but let’s be honest, this is very bad design. For me all quests rewards should have fixed parts or some additional way to farm them.


Yes…Quest Rewards and Uniques were an entire “swing and a miss” with this game…

They corrected so many things from BL2

But they completely broke “Uniques” to the point they matter not at all…

Gone are the wonderful whacky blues that were some of the finest equipment in the game. Made you WANT to go to great lengths and a lot of replays to get them.

Unfortunate…I hope they solve this for Wonderlands.

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It definitely feels like an overcorrection here. In a lot of cases unique blues were the best gear in BL2 and they were legendaries in all but name and many could be easily farmed if you had the patience with save/quitting.

I do appreciate that there are proportionally many more useful legendaries in BL3 but I miss quest items/uniques being at least worthwhile.

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I luckily saved my pearl. Didn’t know how rare and good it was initially. Though It’s not currently in use. As for non-legendary guns that are pretty good, I’ve received several great weapons from Ms. Moxxi at the bar. They are purple. There are two you might receive. An assault or an SMG. These carry a very high damage score for your particular level. Another thing I found was that she is very appreciative on the first hand out. Subsequent rewards seem to be of lower damage. So save your money unless you just like Ms. Moxxi, don’t we all😁
Ms. Moxxi also gets generous again when you level up! So level up, get back to Sanctuary and belly up to the bar to tip the girl of our vault hunting dreams! P.S. I always carry her second reward in case the first one goes irretrievably lost. Let me know if anyone finds this different. I like her slippery when wet SMG’s personally. But often need to scour the ground when they pop out of my hands in the middle of a fight. A suggestion if you use Slippery’s, put a powerful single shot in that pops into your hands when the Slippery pops out. This way you know not to move on before picking her up again. I try and use a Hellwalker that works in a heavy fight until I have a chance to retrieve my girl. I typically dont farm, what’s the point? I take what the gearbox gods give me and make best use of them. More challenge more fun, at least to me.

iirc, you CAN start on sanctuary with a new character :wink:

However, resetting the game in TVHM does not have this option…

The formal got introduced pretty late :rofl: and i think after many people asked to skip to sanctuary and just resetting DLC

But i think the person in charge of this change misinterpreted what we were asking :joy::sweat_smile:

So there’s still no option to reset DLC’S and still no option to reset crew challenges :pensive:

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You are right…Crit is Excellent!

And Hail is …OK…but a shadow of what it was in BL2

Then I ran through on Lootleman all the guns that were…“close” but just kind of useless and it was a crap TON.

Take a Unique like the La Varlope

The gun is truly “Unique”…spits explosions faster than any Torgue…Big mag…the penalty is it kicks like a mule…

But the damage is just woefully insufficient. An “end game” tremendously fun gun with higher damage. There are a ton more in this category. Firecracker, Pea Shooter, Dakota…and on and on. And some of them NOT having anoints is just…silly. Who’s big idea was that??

I’m not asking for ALL of them to be “end game capable”… just some…and that ADDS to the game…not subtracts from it. IMHO

Maybe on PS4, but that’s kind of dicey on XBox1 and above - you’d need to go off-line, then hope that sync went the way you wanted when you went back on-line again.