Farming the Shredifier

Why is my favorite gun in the game also happens to a dedicated drop on an enemy that only shows up at the end of the 5th round of arguably the hardest single event in the game ? I’m so bummed about that and I’ll miss my double barrel non elemental annointed Super Shreddifier once the level cap is increased.

Is it still a world drop? Never seen it drop even once since it was assigned to the Raging Titan

some lootpools (especialy main game) are just plain weird…

and then there’s the crew chalange items from the DLC wich you can only get once without cheating

The hardest single event is still the Takedown by a long shot, but I do generally agree with you. Circle of Slaughter bosses shouldn’t be the drop source of specific items. And yes, it may still World Drop. I recommend you do some chest farming.

I saw a couple of shredidiers world drop the other day. So they are out there. I actually scored an ‘on consecutive hits’ anointed one from general traunt. It is my new precious.

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DAMN that sounds like a beast.

Omg it completely wrecks on mayhem 4.

So do you just take out a home mortage to keep up with the AR ammo, or what?

Lmao, ammo? Moze don’t need no stinking ammo.


What element? What’s the secondary fire mode ?

Personally , except for specific elemental builds, I find the kinetic Shrediffiers the most reliable

It’s only really useable by Moze. Between cloud (basically 25% more ammo ) and redistribution (and always going for crits ) It lasts a good amount of time with her.

I think with Forge you cant even empty the mag

It is kinetic with the bipod. Not double barreled, but it still works very well.

Bipod is awesome too. I’m just happy you said you actually saw it world drop.

Just wish GBX didnt put it at the end of the slaughter shaft . So sadistic

I run Slaughter Shaft every evening at least once and have done so since mid September and I’ve never gotten one to drop from Titan.

I have gotten a few from random locations (oddly one from Traunt and one from a badass right before Traunt).

Are you on PS4? If so I’ll send you one when/if I find it.

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Yeah have to tend to agree, shredifier and Maggie need a better source.

I got one non-anointed shredifier from Titan. I gave up after that. Horrible farm, even failing the 5th round isn’t worth it.

Are you PS4?

I just got this one: not the best annoint but it’s solid:

Thanks man! I’m more worried when level cap increases:(

Thanks man, very kind of you. I’m ok until level cap increases though. Ever since the dedicated loot patch never seen one drop ever again :frowning:

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Np hmu if you need anything for Moze. I’ve got her pretty well kitted out.

Graveward dropped a double barrel shred with the 300slam anoint.