Farming the specter COM (Lilith)

So, i accidentally sold my specter COM and now i’m desperately looking for a new one. I’ve already finished the wanted: dead! mission, so i was wondering if there is another way to farm it besides killing the assassins

You get one from one of the rounds of the Circle of Duty, so if you still have that mission unfinished you can guaranteed get one there.

If not, Craw and Lance chests occasionally cough them up, but they are pretty uncommon. Make sure you are playing as Lilith if you want to have a halfway reasonable chance of finding one!


Cool, i didn’t know about the circle of duty and i do still have that mission unfinished. Thanks for the reply.

On a side note be sure to make a backup save if at all possible… Can save a lot of heartache and hassle. Lost my original hunter before I made backups to all my characters and didn’t even play for a long time I was so bummed out… Although I’ve never found a specter in a chest Craw has dropped a few for me but is a pretty rare drop. So as mentioned above def circle of duty.