Farming thread?

I haven’t seen a farming thread for BHC for Xbox one.

I farm the following and have received the loot that follows from 5-10 runs. (About an hour or so time)

This is a generalization of the legendaries I have gotten.

Wildlife preservation- pearl ARs, various class mods, and e-tech relics

Marcus’s mercenary shop DLC- Bee shield, impaler shield, whiskey tango foxtrot shield, various class items and grenade mods.

Arid Nexus Boneyard/Saturn- various class items and weapons.

From Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragons Keep- treants- bee shield, various e-tech weapons.

I’m constantly farming and level up fairly quick from the runs I do, its also great for cash.

If you would like to farm with me or play in general, add me. I’m usually on around 8pm EST.

Gt is Crackin Yo Nuts and I’m a 64 assassin on UVHM.