Farming Tina's TTAoDK grenades mods

Just a quick question. I’ve recently been farming them with … very little success. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Not having done the My Dead Brother mission on that character. (I have a dislike for unnecessary skeletons.) I don’t have the Seer’s Sanctum unlocked. So I’ve been doing it in the Temple of Misworship. Two UBA guaranteed and sometimes an extra one. A very quick run too. I thought I was good…
Or was it just bad RNG?
So I loaded up the only character that have it unlocked (Seer’s Sanctum), the Psycho. Didn’t really had time to count but had a feeling there was more “Ultimate” than 2. Also been lucky and got 2 “Specials” including an on level Chain Lightning. :partying_face:

So my question. From experience or “inside info” (I’m talking to you @VaultHunter101) . Is it really that better to farm Seer’s Sanctum?

I always pick up “Dead Brother” at the start of that map, so it’s no use asking me! I thought once you’d gone through the map you could always get to Seers Sanctum though?


Not the wizards area.

Yeah, Seer’s Sanctum is locked out until you complete the My Dead Brother mission.

That mission itself incurs some extra skeletons, but when you’re done, tours through the Lair of Infinite Agony don’t have any more skeletons than normal (and you can walk right past Seer’s Sanctum if you don’t want to slug it out with those Wizards).

If it’s less of an issue for you, I believe you can Fast Travel to Dragon Keep, go “backwards” to the elevator to ride it down to the back door to the Sorcerer’s Daughter (those chests will be locked down though), fight her, then you’re like a few spiders away from Seer’s Sanctum (and you have access to a couple of vending machines).

Sorcerer’s Daughter or a full tour of Lair of Infinite Agony? :thinking:

Other than the platform puzzle, I’m pretty sure you can just run through the entire thing, dodging the enemies without issue? If you take a wide berth around that one shielded chest after the platform puzzle, that mob won’t even spawn. Those fiery skulls later on aren’t easy to dodge though.


I’m finding that out.

Nope! :grin:
Never did the Daghter’s fight outside the story. (That I remember.). Can be time consuming and tedious. I just go up the LoIA elevator. From there it’s easy to reach both areas avoiding fights on the way.

That’s what I will do. Pick up the quest and “run it”.
… Once I’m done with assassins. :wink:

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All of my Chain Lightnings come from the UBA at the back left in the Temple. Since the 10% rule applies, it’ll take 30 runs :laughing:

All of my Magic Missiles have come from the Magic Slaughter.

I don’t usually farm Firestorms as they are a dime a dozen.

I’m my case all I care about are CLs so I just do the quick route to the Temple and don’t bother with the Sanctum.

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Sometimes you’re lucky. Sometimes you play the odds.
Some other times…
Well. finally got it so it’s behind me now. For a while.

That. Is not a refreshing news. :confused:

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I find that the easiest way to obtain these grenade mods is to repeat the badass round in Murderlin’s Temple. Plenty of UBA’s of all types found in TTAoDK, multiple chances to get the purple (x4) magic missile, and a chance to get an ogre make it worth it for me.

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Exactly what I didn’t want to hear. Hate the place. Hated back in the paper & dices years when I had Dungeon’s Master’s used :skull_and_crossbones::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::japanese_ogre::bone::dragon_face::snake::tooth::skull: death traps and ackwards “combat mechanics”. Still hate it today. (Love the dlc script, top notch. My favorite.)

Could certainly use an Ogre… Spitters being one of my favorites and my Mechro use one.
Aww well. I guess I’ll have to give it a shot.