Farming Triple O

Hey peeps. I farmed him in Scyllas grotto for 5 hours today leveling the bad asses up to ultimate, then traveling to another map and back when they get health crosses over them. Rinse and repeat. I didn’t have him spawn one time. Does anyone know if the party size makes a difference or can I solo him for a twister…if he ever spawns?

Having a group will make it more likely that he spawns, but you can definitely do it solo. As you’ve already experienced, just be ready for it to take a while.

If you have Eridium to burn, the Dexi method can be a bit faster than Scylla’s Grove.

Does the dexi method change it to 4 player difficulty?

It doesn’t, but resetting the Badass Savages is a lot faster in Hunter’s Grotto than it is in Scylla’s Grove.

Right on, thanks for the info. I have spent another three hours since them and still nothing. RNJesus hates me apparently.