Farming Voracidous and Pyro Pete TVM or UVHM

Hey so I’m level 51 almost to level 52 and I’m trying to fight Voracidous who is level 52 and I can’t do it anyone wanna help farm him and Pete?
Okay so I messed and forgot I didnt post the time: The time will be at 4:00 maybe 5 pm tomorrow my gamertag is: XxBilboTBaggins

Il help you farm pete if that’s what you are wanting?

What character class are you? If you are Zer0, there are a couple of ways you can solo him with some difficulty, but if your anything else you’ll need either some friends or some broken-ass glitches.

I use Krieg the Physco and that’s the only class I have leveled high enough. And @Scary Cartoons yeah I was looking for someone willing to farm both in one go but if you just wanna do Pete I’m fine with that.

Actually, a solo Krieg build is possible, but it’s pretty much melee only making it a little bit harder for Terry. Pete is possible though, you need to be heavily specced into Hellborn, and have either a Rapier, Law, or a bladed Grog Nozzle, preferably all three.

The only legendary I have are a Thunderfist and a legendary Siren Class Mod (worthless to me) I’m using this build as well, currently working on getting the Hellborn raised up though.

Hmmm. You may have some issues then.