Farming with friends issue

So I don’t know if this was implemented because I felt like it did happen once before but every time I farm bosses with my buds and we want to reset an area like the floating tomb we all have to disconnect from the hosts game. I don’t see why we all can’t be brought back to the hosts lobby where you choose game mode and character. This would save so much more time for people while farming. You wouldn’t need to go through the trouble of having to find your friends name every time just to join a game you were already in. Personally playing with my friends is why I love this game. Not that much games can embody the classic couch co-op style of multiplayer the way borderlands does. but it absolutely makes me livid when i consistently need to say ■■■■ like “oo hang on ill re-invite you”


For now what we been doing is all boss runs, otherwise yes farming one is frustrating in a group. Best work around for now is hit up all the bosses on every planet (minor ones too) and should take yall roughly about an hour for all and then rejoin.

Yeah man, unfortunately we have been resorted to this. We were farming troy and tyreen for exclusive drops but stopped. That ■■■■ will break your heart.