Fast and Easy Tubby farming spot: no saving and quitting, exiting the area and re-entering, waiting for night at the Dust, or 4 player glitch needed!

I posted this back on the old forums, but with the Handsome Collection coming out, the farming spot is going to be available to everyone soon, plus some people will be completely new to Borderlands 2 and wonder where the best spots for tubbies are.

A lot of people like to run the Dust at night, or use the 4 player glitch and go to caustic caverns, but those runs often are more time consuming than productive. That being said, there is an area where you can go that seems to have a high chance of tubbies without 4 players or anything special. Vault Hunters, step into the Natural Selection Annex and welcome to the Creature Slaughterdome. There is one very simple rule to follow and you’re set.

  1. Accept round one of the slaughter, fight through till the final wave, but NEVER complete it, either save and quit or die at the end by the final few spiderlings or other lesser spiderants. Saving and quitting is faster on PC than dying, but on console the difference in time is about the same. If you are absurdly overpowered and feel that you may kill the last few, save and quit once you realize there is no tubby or after killing it. Krieg, for example, either really needs to watch what he’s doing or spec out of Bloodsplosion since he is capable of bloodsploding pretty much all of that 4th wave by accident.

There seems to be a high chance for a tubby spiderant to spawn after killing the matriarch and a few elemental spiderants in wave 4, and after killing him you can simply die and run it again. If he’s not there, die and run it again, NEVER COMPLETE THE MISSION. The other rounds do not have this high tubby chance. ALWAYS STAY ON ROUND ONE. If you accidentally complete it, dashboard quickly without saving. You also have a chance at a tubby skag in either wave one or three, and I’ve seen the tubby spiderants in waves 2 and 3 as well. It’s fast, it’s easy, and seems to be much more efficient in the long run. I have tried the dust and caustic caverns, but round one has just been so much more productive as tubbies just show up like mad in there. Sometimes you get a dry spell, but we all get those with any type of farming really.

EDIT: Neumeusis had a good point, the 4 player glitch does increase your chances, but also will make it very challenging for solo play, especially at OP8.

TL;DR: Do creature slaughter round 1, kill tubby in wave 4, die before finishing the round or save/quit, rinse and repeat.


This is the most reliable way to get tubbies i readed.

With 4 player glitch, i managed to get one every two runs in the best moments.
There are a bit less chances in one player however, but still more than randomly walking among beasts.

Mind, they still did not drop a Pearl for me, but i keep going. It will fall. One day. Maybe…


Great information! Gonna try it out. I usually run the Bad Lands but not with tubbies every time. Three good chests and Saturn though.

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I should probably add to the OP that the glitch increases your chances. However, OP8 with 4 player glitch sounds horrible with Rabid Skags…

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To be honest I might prefer the Rabid Skags over Skeleton Mages- at least they’ll stay there so you can shoot them… :grin:

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@wreckgar39: method works like a charm, tried it 25 minutes in my lunch break on a fresh start character at level 61 and got 4 chubbies already, TYVM for posting this.

Just a question though: do you know if the round one slaughter dome mission will scale with me when I level up more? I never completed it, so I’m still at round 1, but I noticed after leveling up to 62 the mission level was still 61 at pick up. I didn’t log off and back on though, if that matters.
I’m just wondering if failing a round in the Slaughter Dome results in the mission level being set and fixed to that level forever, meaning I’ll have to reset UVHM once I reach the level cap to get max level Tubbies there again…


I never really took notice to the mission level to be honest, but all enemies and gear scale to your current level. I grinded my way from 62 to 72 in there on my siren as well as my brother’s assassin (hence why he has a level 67 legendary ninja COM). It also works going from 72 to OP levels.


Ahhhh perfect cheers again mate!

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First time I’ve ever tried this. Got a Tubby Skag in the first attempt.

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This is probably going to be the new source for the digistruct peak COMs I’m missing. Thanks for the tip!

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this must have been patched… i tried it 15 times, but only one tubby spawned. i had more luck in the dust

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I’ve had no such issues lately… farmed it for about 10-15 hours recently, and I hit a tubby on average once every 5 runs.

RNG is a fickle mistress though.

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I just did this on 2-14-17 …can confirm it still works. Made the runs at OP8.

7 runs…2 Tubbies in about 45 minutes

Legendary Ninja
Legendary Killer
Non Elemental Practical Butcher

I also ran 20 runs in the Dust in about two hours. (I stopped to farm Gettle and Mobley as well)

2 Tubbies
Legendary Sniper
Legendary Sniper

The OP’s way seems MUCH faster but you best be on your toes…the Rabid Skags in Round 1 can be tough.



Em, why not just save&quit instead of dying? Iirc doing so makes slaughter quests fail by default.

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It is really the most effective way to farm tubbies. I play with the 4-player difficulty and get 1 tubby every 2 runs in average. The only problem is how boring it becomes after a few dozen runs.

Save&quiting is fine, but it’s more time consumming than killing yourself and also mess with using the 4 player difficulty.

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This works very well I just got op 8 on my siren and need all new gear. I would also like to add that when I did it I looked for a way so I could get away from the skags and I found a place. If you look to the left as soon as you enter the arena you will see a big metal container. You can slip by to the other side and not be take to much damage . Seems the bigger mobs like rabbid skags and larger can’t get in there. You can still get hurt but after I found that out place I haven’t died till I wanted to. Also I did this 5 times and got 3 tubbys. I love this. Thanks a lot for the information!
Edit: the rabbid skags can get in just makes it a lot harder

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Just made an account for the purpose of saying how well this works, just ran it 3 times and got 4 tubbies, yeah, 3 in a row and 2 in the same wave on the last run, absolutely easiest and fastest way to do it, thank you!

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Not sure if something has been patched since this post, but I have been farming this in OP8 for 3 hours now, and only 1 tubby has spawned.
Also, I don’t see how dying is quicker than save & quit? When you die, you respawn on the 2nd floor, have to run to the elevator shaft, fall down, go to the NPC, accept the quest, walk over to the other elevator, push the button and wait for it to come down since it’s in the up position from earlier, then ride it back up… Versus, save & quit, spawning directly in front of the NPC (restarting game is almost instant on PC at least…), going up the elevator which is now in the down position due to resetting. Also, it takes a LONG time to die by spiderlings on high level characters such as my Gunzerker. My HP regens faster than I take damage by them, so dying is definitely SUPER slow; also, you lose money when you die, so there’s that too…

EDIT: I swear you have to just mention bad RNG and the game recognizes it… Since this post, I had 2 tubbies spawn in one run, after 4 hours. I still think save & quit on PC is light years faster than letting them kill you in OP8 (at least Gunzerker)


If you want to die fast, take off your shield and then try to grenade jump with an Explosive Fastball or Bonus Package. Your dying will be much more quickly done :smile:


I’m not sure where things left off on this thread, but I do round one and quit on the fourth wave if no tubbies have spawned.

No idea why someone would rather die than save/quit.

My success has been quite good : usually one every three or four runs.